Tactical Training Courses by Thor Global Defense Group


With interest in the firearms industry growing exponentially, increased demand has become apparent for efficient and practical training for shooters of all walks of life. Law Enforcement and Military personnel are not the only clients seeking professional training these days, and many new groups have been formed offering combat shooting, precision shooting, and self defense classes to the mass market. THOR Global Defense Group (www.thorgdg.com) of Van Buren, AR hope to bridge the gap in service between professional shooters as well as civilians with interest in learning proper techniques.

”Our training programs are designed to build from a basic level course, and advance with the students involved,” says Larry Knesek, President & CEO of THOR. “We want to get everyone on the same page and advance accordingly to provide the proper foundation for success.”

Training Director Roger Holland, has extensive experience as a trainer for the US Army and has operated on multiple deployments overseas. Holland continues to spend a great deal of time developing effective training programs for all his students. “I’m always looking to discover new methods to put into practice” he says, noting his continued attendance to a number of training programs across the globe.

Among others, the most common programs include a basic and advanced level combat shooting course that includes both carbine and pistol instruction and a precision shooting course covering detailed rifle marksmanship skills. Most of Holland’s courses are designed for a two day period of instruction.  After completion students receive a certificate of completion clearing them for the next level of courses. THOR also offers a full Armorer’s Certification Course for individuals wishing to learn more about a variety of weapon platforms.

THOR Global Defense Group was created to meet the increasing demand for advanced weapon platforms, security services, and training. THOR aids clients with high standards and special needs both domestic and abroad. THOR is able to handle all aspects of security effectively and professionally.