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ISDEF – Tel Aviv, Israel

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Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center
Tel Aviv, Israel


Phone: +972-3-691-4564
Fax: +972-3-691-4567
Email: &

Next Show
June 4-6, 2019

ISDEF Japan 2018
August 29-30, 2018
Todoroki Arena

ISDEF is the Premier International Defence and HLS Exhibition in Israel. Focusing on interoperability between defence and security, ISDEF brings together government and military officials, industry members, end users and decision makers from Israel and around the world. 86% of attendees have buying power making ISDEF a highly effective platform for rapid business growth. Since 2007, ISDEF has catered the needs of the Military, Police, Special Forces, and Homeland Security organizations by exposing them to the products and solutions provided by innovative defence and security companies worldwide.

Business casual. Vendors are frequently in polo shirts and slacks. Attendees appear in almost every conceivable outfit, we did not see any formal dress except from some embassies. SADJ recommends smart, but casual dress.

Hotel Hints
Tel Aviv is a very modern city and the hotels range from 5 stars to extremely cheap hostels. Pick accordingly. The David Intercontinental, the Dan Panorama and the Leonardo are on the water’s edge, it’s a beautiful beach.

Power & Plug Types
Israeli three-prong style plugs, 220v 50cycle. Doubtful that many hotels have Euro or British style plug ins, so bring adapters.

Country Warnings
This is Israel and they are in a constant state of “At war.” Security levels are high; however the people are used to it. Tel Aviv is well out of rocket range from their enemies, and they have not had suicide bombers in quite some time. There is a lot of social activity and people generally are fine. Walking late at night in the wrong places can get you in trouble like any city. Travel: do NOT go to the Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean coast by Egypt. Do not wander in the West Bank areas, without supervision, but Bethlehem and Jericho are very safe with guides. Look at the on-line warnings before you go.

Cultural Hints
Generally people are very polite and helpful, with a strong commitment to service. They are very patriotic towards their country, and don’t be put off by how straightforward Israelis can be when they ask questions. They are generally direct. Stay out of religious or political discussions. Really – stay out of them, it’s a hot button and emotions run high. Be polite, let them talk.

Taxis – round it up – example- 52 Shekel fare to 60 Shekel. Bellhops 3 shekel per bag minimum 5 shekel, Skycaps about the same per bag, restaurants – fast food not at all, others 10-15% depending on the service.

Currency type
Israeli Shekel (Sheqel) At press-time, the Euro equaled 5.06 ILS, the GBP equaled 5.69 ILS, the Yen equaled 0.0447 ILS, the U.S. Dollar equaled 3.64 ILS. Go to for up to the minute currency rates.

Getting Around
We did not see any hotel shuttles to the show, so check before you book, you can park at the show if you drive. Rental cars are abundant at any of the airports, driving is US/Euro style, driver on the left, vehicle travel on the right. If you choose to explore Tel Aviv there is plenty of public transportation (buses) available, but in the outlying areas a car is a must. Taxis to most places can be had. For example, Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is 250 Shekels. Make sure the taxi driver either turns the meter on or tells you a flat fee you agree to first, before you take off. This can be “an issue” of over-charging, so be street-smart and polite.

Military Museums
There are many military museums in Israel. Perhaps the best is The IDF History Museum in Tel Aviv with a fantastic small arms display. It is at the Tel Aviv Promenade – Yehezkel Kaufman St. (Corner of Hamered St.) This is definitely worth a half day. If you get a chance, then go to the Latrun Memorial Site and the Armored Corps Museum in Latrun (La-Troon). This is the largest we have ever seen. Hundreds of tanks. (

Israel has amazing tourist adventures if you have an extra couple of days; we encourage you to discover the area. October is a wonderful time of year in Israel. By all means go to Galilee, Jerusalem, and if you can have a tour across into the West Bank area to Bethlehem. Go to: for more info, or the show website. If you want to go to Jordan for Petra, or Egypt, pay attention to what visas and how you can and can not get there: there are restrictions on land travel across the borders.

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