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Asia China Police Expo – Beijing, China

Coverage in SADJ
Asia Pacific China Police Expo 2012

Beijing Olympic Park
Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Hong Kong Head Office:
Rm. 1703, 109 Gloucester Rd.,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2511-7427
Fax: (852) 2511-9692

Next Show
May 20-23, 2014

Special Operations weapons, equipment, and training.

Business Casual when away from the booths, but Business or Military dress should be adhered to for best appearances. Temperature will be warm in Beijing during the month of May; the show buildings are air conditioned.

Hotel Hints
There are many modern hotels in Beijing. Westerners should look for “Western” facilities, en suite, and should not have trouble finding this. Check in with the tourism site for more information. There is a very nice Intercontinental with reasonable rates, as well as most other quality chains.

Power & Plug Types
220volt 50cycle. UK three prong style. A U.S. or European outlet is generally unavailable in hotel rooms.

Country Warnings
Security is a very serious matter in the People’s Republic of China; any dissent is not taken too kindly. Speaking of democracy and western ideals are generally not encouraged.

Cultural Hints
The Chinese tend to be pretty noisy when they eat and you’ll hear a lot of slurping while eating. It’s also very common to see people raising the bowl to their lips and pushing food in with chopsticks. Not only is it the easiest way to eat, but it also shows appreciation. The Chinese consider ‘face’ to be very important, i.e., someone’s image or reputation. A typical Chinese person often won’t be direct, lest they insult you and you lose face. Keeping your manners and an awareness of body language will serve one well to understand what’s really going on.

Show Food
There are several concessionaires that offer local Chinese fare, as well as several coffee stands with coffee and pastry.

Chinese Yuan (RMB) has been allowed to fluctuate against the dollar. As of press time, the Yuan is trading at approximately 6.6 RMB to the USD, 10.0 RMB to the GBP, and 7.8 RMB to the Euro. Check for currency rates.

Not required for taxis other than a “round-up” to the next Yuan and baggage tip. 10% should suffice in restaurants – which have usually included a service fee in the bill. Tip a couple RMB per bag at airport and hotel.

Getting Around
Driving is done in the US/Euro style on the right-hand side of the road. It is common for taxi drivers to try to negotiate a fare in advance of the trip, usually 3 or 4 times the actual fare. Try to negotiate a metered fare rather than a flat fare in advance. Upon arriving at the airport, be cautious of “gypsy” taxi drivers. They speak excellent English, but will charge 4 times the metered rate to downtown Beijing.

Military Museums
The Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution is located within Beijing. Expect a large dose of propaganda on the glory of the People’s Revolution. There is an extensive collection of arms, armor, and aircraft; the largest hall is dedicated to small arms. For more information, the museum has a website at

There’s quite a lot to see in the Beijing region – the Great Wall of China is an easy day trip, as is the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and Tiananmen Square, site of the 1989 popular protest against the Chinese Government.

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