Symposia at Shrivenham – Shrivenham, UK

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The 22nd Annual European Small Arms & Cannons Symposium
The 23rd Annual European Small Arms & Cannons Symposium
The 25th Annual European Small Arms & Cannons Symposium
The 26th Annual European Small Arms & Cannons Symposium
The 27th Annual European Small Arms & Cannons Symposium

The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Cranfield University, Shrivenham, UK. This is to the west of London off the M4 motorway and easily accessible from the main London airports. The nearest large town to Shrivenham for reference purposes is Swindon.

Mrs. Lynn Anderson, Symposia Organizer, Symposia at Shrivenham, Cranfield University, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, Wiltshire SN6 8LA

Tel: +44 1793 785 648
Fax: +44 1793 785 325
Homepage: Cranfield University

Next Show
June 12-14, 2016

This symposium is a special show with numerous papers being presented, and a smaller trade show that is comfortable for attendees to mix with the venders.

Business “Informal” meaning jacket and tie, or Business Casual depending on your desire to present your company. Military are in duty attire. For the formal ‘Regimental Dinner’ base line for men is dark suit with tie, ladies comfortable evening wear (no jeans or tee-shirts in either case). Mrs. Lynn Anderson and staff are on hand to help with your concerns on this.

Hotel Hints
Local hotels are listed with the Symposia information package. Most vendors choose hotels in Swindon or out on the M4 Motorway area. There is UK military billeting for those who are eligible.

Power & Plug Types
220v 50 cycle, British 3-prong plugs

Country warnings
The Swindon/Shrivenham areas are largely rural with the historic city of Oxford located to the north. The only warnings would be in certain parts of London or other major cities. The conference is in a rural area that is very safe.

Cultural Hints
The British are generally very polite and the formal Regimental Dinner is not to be missed by any who wish to experience a ceremony that is rarely seen by outsiders. There are protocols to be studied before attending, from how to ‘Pass the Port’ to what to wear, on to dinner conversation. A good guide to behaviour in these types of situation is online at The 1850’s era Guideline for a Regimental Dinner, encourages ‘Abstainers’ to toast the Monarch with water in their Port Glass. At times you will see the following after someone’s name; OBE or MBE meaning “Officer of the Order of the British Empire” and “Member of the Order of the British Empire” respectively. These are prestigious honorifics in British society, showing appreciation for service to the British Empire. These are not “Knighthoods” which would have other indicators.

10% is generally fine in restaurants, less to a taxi. Taxis are either meter fare or ‘pre-booked’ at an agreed price.

Getting around
Rental cars will have UK style right-hand steering, and driving is on the left side of the road. Unless you know how to drive with a left-hand shift, order an automatic. We advise finding the first parking lot in sight after getting your rental car and learning the reverse geometry if you are a Euro or U.S. driver. Road roundabouts are common and do not pose a problem, always give way to the right, unless the road markings advise otherwise. Trains are reliable, however, ticket purchases made on the day of travel can be extortionately expensive, pre-booking is strongly advised. A good guide for the latter is at Bus travel is both simple and inexpensive. If driving, the show is near to Heathrow airport, travel due west on the M4 Motorway to the Swindon exit and look for local directions to Shrivenham. For rail travel from Heathrow or Gatwick airports take a direct train service to Swindon.

Military Museums
The Defence Academy Small Arms teaching collection may be visited by qualified visitors. Inquire with the promoters. In London; the Imperial War Museum and National Army Museum in central London are worth a visit. The Fort Nelson Artillery museum is in Portsmouth to the south of Swindon and the Royal Armouries are located in the north of England at Leeds, the latter houses the former Pattern Room collection of small arms and light infantry weapons.

Shrivenham is located within reasonable driving distances of the university town of Oxford, the Neolithic monument at Stonehenge and Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Try the following websites if planning a pre or post Symposia cultural visit: or