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MSPO – Kielce, Poland

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Targi Kielce Trade center
Kielce, Poland

Targi Kielce S.A.
ul. Zakładowa 1, 25-672 Kielce, Poland
tel. +4841 365 12 49, fax +4841 365 14 25

Next Show
6-9 September 2016

Military gear, vehicles, small arms and ammunition, anti-aircraft, tanks, optics. All inclusive military show, which is one of the largest in Europe.

Business dress is recommended, although Business casual is seen frequently at the fair. Like most European shows, making a professional impression through appearance is helpful. Early September can be a rainy season in Kielce area, so be prepared.

Hotel Hints
There are not too many western chain hotels in the Kielce area, and the hotels that are there are filled very quickly. If Internet access is a need for you, contact the hotel and ask enough questions to determine if it is “in your room” or not. When flying into Warsaw, there is a convenient Marriott that is “walk-across” at the airport, but it is remote from downtown Warsaw, which has many large chain hotels as well as locals.

Power & Plug Types
220volt 50 cycle, standard European electrical usage. European two-pin plugs are utilized, but some Warsaw area hotels have US and UK sockets in the rooms.

Country Warnings
None to speak of other than watch for pickpockets. The Poles are very friendly to visitors in general, no visa is needed- although a number of bordering countries such as the Ukraine will require a visa to enter. There are remnants of the old Communist Bureaucracy that show through at times, members of the Department of Impediment can be encountered abusing authority.

Cultural Hints
Poland is a hard working country. There is a tremendous industry-ethic in the people – metal work, ship-building, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing are all prominent. There is a distinct protocol in companies, with the upper management being treated much like aristocracy, with respect. That should be observed by the visitor as well. Poland suffered from the Soviet influence after World War II, and its move into Democracy is now almost 20 years old, but some of the steps taken are smaller than others. Courtesy is important to many of the older generation, do not be surprised to see a gentleman kiss a lady’s hand when meeting, or to have a hand offered in the Continental style. Older people are deferred to and “Mr.” is added to the name for men. It is also a land of heavy foods, and drinking alcoholic beverages as a norm.

Show Food
Yes. Absolutely. This is a show that rates high on the we’re-stuck-at-the-booth-with-nothing solution meter. From sausages to kebabs to every imaginable Polish soup, meat, and vegetable combo, and local beers, you will not go hungry at this show.

Tipping is about 10-15% for a norm in Poland, and should be done cash if you want to ensure your server gets the benefit – on a credit card it may well stay with the owner. Tipping is for good service. If the service is bad, don’t tip, remembering that restaurant staff is generally low paid. When you pay your bill in cash do not say “Thank you” or the balance of what you gave will be kept as a tip. Wait until your change is returned, then offer the tip. Look for an item on the bill that is a service charge, a tip may already be on the bill.

Currency Type
The Polish Zlotych (Pronounced “zwoty”) is a currency in flux, like most today. The Zlotych is scheduled to be replaced by the Euro in 2016 as Poland continues its entry into the European Union. Since 2007, the Zlotych has fluctuated between 4 Zlotych and 2 Zlotych per dollar, and 3 Zlotych to 4.5 Zlotych per Euro. Check at for conversions on all currency.

Getting Around
Left hand drive cars in the US and European manner, on the Right side of the road, so rental cars are an excellent option for US and Euro drivers. UK style drivers will have to adapt. There are frequent flights into Warsaw, and there is train service to Kielce and most other Polish cities. Garmin in particular has good GPS mapping in their European package, for those who wish to drive. An International Drivers License is frequently required for rental cars.

Military Museums
Two military museums come to mind immediately; the Polish Military Museum in Warsaw, is fantastic, with an incredible display of weapons, cannon, armor, and a poignant room full of dioramas of the Warsaw Uprising weapons. Outside of Warsaw are many more, but The White Eagle Museum in Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland, is outstanding. The cannon, mortar, vehicle, tank, and aircraft exhibits are worth a side-trip. There are many war memorials around Warsaw and Poland in general. Take the time to learn the history here, it’s worth it.

Try for a good resource for visiting. Poland is a large country, one of the largest land areas in Europe, with just less than 40 million inhabitants. The climate is similar to Germany. The landscape varies tremendously from the mountains to the plains to the Baltic Sea. Poland has a rich history, many castles and estates. Art, music, and poetry are ingrained in Polish blood, and the folk art is not to be missed. Try the old city section of Warsaw for antique and folk art shopping, as well as dining. This author strongly recommends the Pierogeria near the Barbacon gate in the old city, as well as the many Polish restaurants in that section. If you want your passport stamped at the airport, but are flying via another European country, there will be a large group of Dept. of Impediment personnel ensuring you don’t get a stamp in Poland, so make other arrangements.

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