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Modern Day Marine – Quantico, VA

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Next show
Modern Day Marine (MDM) 2016
27-29 September 2016
at MCB, Quantico, Virginia USA

Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia USA


2014 Marine Military Expos
1525 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1200
Arlington, Virginia 22209 USA
Tel: (703) 812-2741
Fax: (703) 812-2721

MDM is billed as “the world’s largest military exposition focusing on enhanced capabilities for expeditionary forces.”

Business casual for civilians and duty uniform for military.

Hotel Hints
Most U.S. chains have hotels and motels locally. The nearby Stafford and Fredericksburg areas have a lot of great food and lodging options. Book early, MDM is a very popular show and the hotels fill up fast.

Show Food
Numerous vendors right on site featuring local and regional food and beverage items.

Power and Plug Types
American standard 110 volts AC

Cultural Hints
General American culture in the area with a tendency towards “Southern Hospitality” from friendly, polite and helpful locals. The show and the base have specific USMC culture as well; pride in being courteous, straightforward and honest.

U.S. customs apply. Taxis about 10%, bellhops $1 per bag minimum, Skycaps $2 per bag. Sit-down restaurants 15-25% depending on service quality. Note “tip jars” at some of the show’s food vendors. Toss in a dollar or two for these hard-working folks.

U.S. Dollars. Go to for current exchange rates.

Getting Around
Fly into Ronald Reagan Washington National or Dulles International Airports.

Military Museums
The spectacular National Museum of the Marine Corps is just outside MCB Quantico. Numerous other museums are located in nearby Washington, DC

Visas are required for all foreign visitors. The most popular attractions in the area (U.S. Capitol building, the White House, the Smithronian museums) are found in and around Washington, DC, some 30 miles from MCB Quantico. Official travel and tourism website is

DC Problems
Other than by on-duty military or authorized law enforcement personnel, it is illegal for all practical purposes to carry firearms or even a single round of live ammunition into the District of Columbia without the most strictly controlled permits. The nation’s capitol city has all of the usual big city problems. Visitors are cautioned against walking or even driving in all but the most heavily-patrolled areas. The Maryland suburbs are almost as bad. Stay in Virginia – it’s much more safe and sane.

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