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Eurosatory – Paris, France

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Eurosatory 2008
Eurosatory 2010
Eurosatory 2012

Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, “Parc d’ Expositions”
Paris, France

25 boulevard de l’Admiral
Bruix 75016
Paris, France
Email: coges@eurosatory.com
Tel: +33 (0) 1 44 14 58 10

Next Show
June 13-17, 20146

All aspects of military equipment are represented at Eurosatory, from tanks to mobile mess facilities, to small arms, to cannon. This is an all inclusive military show.

Business – booth personnel should take the time to appear properly. Slack appearance at a European show reduces the respect you receive. Attendees should look like business professionals if they expect to be taken seriously on the European market, the military should be in proper dress uniform.

Hotel Hints
Unless you speak French, it’s best to stick with western chains near the show. Roissy-en-France is a good, safe area choice with many hotel options. Staying downtown in Paris will require a train ride to the show.

Power & Plug Types
220 volts, 50 cycles. European two pin plugs. Better hotels will have US style 110 volt in rooms.

Country Warnings
Rural France is marvelous and generally very friendly (especially the Normandy areas), but Paris is experiencing a massive amount of crime. It is best to stick to the tourist areas downtown, on the Right or Left Bank (of the Seine River). Some of the outlying areas can be very dangerous to tourism. There are also many pick-pocket incidents, so be street smart.

Cultural Hints
Trying to speak a bit of French helps in most outlying areas, but it is the unusual Parisiene who is polite to the non-French. We hate to reinforce the stereotype, but travelers should be prepared to get information on their own, and be grateful for any help. Americans in particular should be aware of the restaurant bill habits of Europeans. It is impolite in a restaurant to give you the bill instantly on serving.

Tipping has become expected in most places. Prices will be outrageous downtown at sit down restaurants in Paris, so plan accordingly. Restaurants add a 15% service charge, called “Service Compris” meaning that the tax and tip are included in the price on the menu. If that is not on the check, then tip 10-15%. If it is, and you want to add more, go 5% over. Tip 1 euro per bag for bellhops and helpful drivers, Taxis 5-10% of the fare.

The Euro is the currency of choice. Check at www.xe.com/ucc/ for an instant check on any currency ratio.

Getting Around
The Metro and the RER are the way to go regarding getting around in Paris. They are cheap, reliable, and fast. Taxis work all around the city. Rental cars are not for the faint of heart in Paris. Left hand steering wheel and driving on the right of the road, like the United States or the rest of Europe. It is fairly easy to organize day tours, check at your hotel. To get to the show during the show hours, take the RER to the “Parc des Expositions” station.

Military Museums
Musee d’ l’Armee is a must see for military buffs. http://www.invalides.org/ and the supporting group has lists of other museums in the military circuit at http://www.invalides.org/pages/anglais/sama_a.html. Many attendees try to schedule an extra day to visit the beaches where the Normandy landings occurred during D-Day in WWII.

France has a well developed tourism industry, and the official website of French tourism is http://www.tourisme.fr/

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