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Partner – Belgrade, Serbia

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Partner 2009
Partner 2011

Belgrade Fair
11000 Belgrade
14, Bulevar Vojvode Misica


Mirjana Lukic, Project manager
Tel: +381 11 2655 229; +381 63 34 78 56,
Fax: +381 11 2655 419
Tel: +381 11 2655 486; +381 63 20 55 99,
Fax: +381 11 3615 298

Next Show
June 23 – 26, 2015

Weapons and gear for soldiers, showcasing the production in Serbia, the refurbishment and design centers, as well as vendors who want to break into the Serbian/Balkan marketplace.

Business dress is recommended, although like most shows today, the attendees will be in a variety of dress levels from formal military to civilian casual.

Hotel Hints
Many of the western chains are in evidence and the Continental hotel is a mainstay across the river in Novi Grad, as are the Hyatt, Sheraton, etc. Downtown might be a good choice if you want to be close to the culture – the Hotel Moskva and the Hotel Balkan are classic old-school hotels that have been upgraded and are very accessible to Stari Grad (Old town).

Power & Plug Types
220v 50 cycle European style using the two prong plugs. Most hotels have 110v 60 cycle U.S. style outlets available, but bring your adapters anyway.

Country Warnings
None to speak of. The Gypsies are around and pick-pocketing as well as minor theft being an issue. The scars of the Balkan Wars are fading but the results of the NATO bombings in 1999 are quite evident. It is impolite to get into political discussions on these subjects; this was a civil war that while most want to leave it behind, still has touchy areas. We would recommend against religious discussions.

Cultural Hints
Serbia and the Serbs are an extremely friendly people and tend to want to be ambassadors for their country. The region is rich in foods, alcoholic drinks, and hospitality. We recommend planning for long mealtimes, and if you don’t drink alcohol, prepare for some peer pressure on Rakia, wine, beer. All meals with friends can quickly turn into feasts.

General Eastern European tipping guidelines: about 1 USD or 1 Euro equivalent per bag for bellhops and skycaps, round-up taxi drivers to the next level, 10% plus at restaurants.

Show Food
Inside the Partner Expo there was not much available – coffee, water, pre-made sandwiches. However, about 100 meters across the parking lot is a restaurant on the Sava River, called Šest Topola (Six Topola trees). They had Pljeskavica (Hamburger), Ćevapi & Kobasica (Sausages), Pileći (Chicken legs and breasts), Mešano Meso (Mixed Grill), Pečenje (Roasted Pig and lamb) and amazing salads. Take the walk over to try it.

Serbian Dinar (RSD), which is not readily available outside of Serbia. Euros are favored, U.S. Dollars are as well. At press time Nov-2011, 1 USD = 77 Dinar, 1 Euro= 105 Dinar, 1 GBP= 124 Dinar, and 1Yen= 0.92 Dinar.

Getting Around
Rental cars are available. Public transportation is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. Try the buses though if you want to get a feel for the local scene. Taxis work out well and are relatively inexpensive. Lots of people speak English, German, French, but it is best to have your hotel write down your destinations on a card in Serbian so you can hand it to a taxi driver – and don’t forget your hotel’s card. There is one negative taxi driver situation. When they are trying to overcharge you, they will want to drop you off away from your hotel. Insist on going to the front door, that way if you are being scammed, the doorman can intervene.

Military Museums
Without any question, the must see military museum in Belgrade is at the Fortress of Kalemegdan. Do not miss this. Spend some time in the park and the fortress, which sits on a hill overlooking where the Danube and Sava rivers come together and head for the sea. The museum has a great cannon and tank outdoor exhibit, but once inside, prepare for a treat of rare weapons. (

If you can take extra days, do so. The Belgrade area is wonderful, modern and ancient rolled into one. Spend some time in Stari Grad (Old Town) and eat in Skadarlija – try dinner at Dva Jelena or Ima Donna there. Serbia has some of the best whitewater rafting around, amazing hotel-resorts, and about every 20 km there is a new “National Dish” so you can eat your way around the country. There is fishing and hunting all around.

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