Show Report: Indo Defence Expo 2018


Thousands Descend Upon the Biennial Expo

This will be the 8th Biennial Tri-service event in Jakarta, Indonesia; when they say “Tri-service,” it means that they combine a number of shows into the one event. IndoAerospace, IndoMarine and IndoHelicopter are at the same site, with complementing events.

SADJ considers Indo Defence one of the top three shows in the Southeast Asia region, along with Defence & Security in Bangkok and Defence Services Asia (DSA) in Kuala Lumpur. These shows are on a schedule in alternate years and in the case of DSA, alternate time of year, so that vendors attempting to reach customers are assured of attendees who are not suffering from show burnout. Likewise, the attendees have the opportunity to see fresh presentations and products.

The people of the Republic of Indonesia take this show seriously—attendance is up all the way through the military and related sectors.

Many countries have pavilions in the expo’s six areas of the show.

There are live vehicle demonstrations and trips to foreign government warships. All through the show, events are concurrent with the open pavilions. Since the flow of attendees can be over 22,000, there is a constant movement of people through the display floor regardless of any other attractions. Most of the attendees are from Indonesia, and they take this show very seriously; the others are divided between many different countries.

While the various seminars and panel discussions are of great interest to the attendees in their various fields, for some the action will be on the show floor.