New Products: V10N3


The MEPRO RDS PRO is an energy-efficient, compact sight that provides thousands of operating hours while utilizing a single “AA” commercial battery. Featuring battle-proven LED technology and rugged MIL-STD design, the sight assures reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. With its large display window and clearly defined Red Dot aiming pattern, the MEPRO RDS PRO ensures rapid target acquisition with both eyes open. Offering 12 day and four night brightness positions and numerous easily switchable reticle brightness intensities, the sight suits every tactical scenario. To facilitate night operations and long-range target engagement, the MEPRO RDS PRO is compatible with GEN II and GEN III NVGs as well as with magnifying scopes. Its human engineering allows positioning of NVGs and magnifiers close to the sight’s optics with no decrease in the field-of-view and without compromising the convenient switch operation. The sight is available with red or green reticles and in multiple reticle patterns including Dot and Bullseye.

SAAB Carl-Gustaf M4

The new lightweight Carl-Gustaf M4 (CGM4) is a man-portable, multi-role weapon system that provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types, such as anti-armour, anti-structure, anti-personnel and support rounds, and readiness for programmable ammo. It offers agility with a shorter length of less than 1000mm and a weight of less than 7kg. The M4 is compatible with intelligent sighting systems and all existing and future Carl-Gustaf ammunition. The M4 is a single weapon for all situations.

B.E. MEYERS & CO. M2A1F Flash Hider

B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. announced the release of the M2A1F Flash Hider, developed in response to requests for a more durable flash suppression solution for the M2A1.

The M2A1F is made from a specifically selected alloy that has been heat-treated to provide increased durability and reliability over current competitive devices. Its left-hand thread pitch allows for quick and easy installation and eliminates risk of separation from the barrel by self-tightening as shots are fired.

The M2A1F is a truly compact M2A1 flash hider. Measuring in at only 4.625 inches long, the M2A1F represents only a small increase in overall length of the weapon platform when compared to other legacy M2 variants and does not negatively affect the cyclic rate of the short recoil M2 system.

The M2A1F’s patented open-tine design is internally serrated to diminish visible signature in both day and night engagements. The effectiveness of the M2A1F’s flash suppression supports uninterrupted use with night vision devices, eliminating momentary blindness and flash distortion.

STREAMLIGHT® PolyTac® X Flashlight

Streamlight announced it has added a new model to its PolyTac® line of tactical lights to include an enhanced, dual-fuel version. The new light, the PolyTac® X, features 600 lumens and offers the versatility of a rechargeable battery option.

The light can be powered by either two 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries or one Streamlight rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery. This multi-battery option allows for use of primary disposable batteries if the rechargeable cell is out of power.

The PolyTac X uses a power LED to provide three lighting modes: high, medium, low and strobe. Regardless of battery source, the light delivers 600 lumens on high, 11,485 candela and a 205-meter beam distance, which is enough to provide critical lighting for a range of tactical uses. When using CR123A batteries, run times range from 2.75 to 34 hours; when using the 18650 battery, they range from 3.5 to 36 hours. On the strobe setting, run times are 5.5 hours and 8 hours, respectively.


LUCID Optics, manufacturer of the best value line of optics on the market, is proud to offer multiple-sized QD 30mm Mounts for 2018.

LUCID offers both standard QD 30mm mounts and PRO QD 30mm mounts. Both of these models are being offered in low, medium or high configurations. LUCID is also offering an optional 30mm PRO bubble level.

The LUCID Optics QD 30mm mounts are made for putting high power glass onto nearly any firearm with a Picatinny rail available. The cantilever throws the scope out front, allowing for the proper eye relief. Precision-machined from 6061 Aluminum and finished Matte Black, they feature a simple and adjustable QD Lever attachment system to accommodate both in-spec and out-of-spec rail systems.

FIME GROUP REX pistols with Hogue G10 Grips

The Standard, Compact and Tactical model REX Zero 1 pistols are now available shipped with pre-installed Hogue G10 Grips in a variety of colors. The Rex Zero 1 pistol complies with strict military standards for reliability and has passed extreme temperature, hostile environment and drop tests. The expected service life for the pistol exceeds 30,000 rounds. The REX Zero 1S (Standard model) and the REX Zero 1T (Tactical model) are available with two standard color options in the Hogue G10 Grips: Black or Dark Earth Mascus. The REX Zero 1CP (Compact model) is available with Hogue G10 Grips in three standard color options: Black, Dark Earth or Green Mascus.


The MEPRO MicroRDS, the latest addition to the MEPRO RDS family, is a compact, rugged and energy-efficient sight with a clearly-defined red dot for all light conditions and a large display window. Providing thousands of operating hours while utilizing a single CR2032 battery, the micro sight ensures rapid target acquisition with both eyes open and offers various easily switchable reticle brightness intensities. For pistols, it serves as the main aiming sight, offering fast target acquisition at close distances. It fits a variety of weapons thanks to its patented quick release mounting (MEPRO MicroRDS adaptor).

The adaptor allows the use of an optical red dot sight alongside a backup tritium night sight.

DS ARMS DSA AR-15 WarZ Series Extended Steel Charging Handle Latch

The AR-15 WarZ Series Extended Steel Charging Handle Latch has an extended latch design that allows for easier manipulation, and a radius on latch centers finger for easier and smoother charging. The latch is machined from steel and durable black nitride finish. Made in the U.S.

BCM® MFG, INC. Bravo Company AR-15-5.56 Gunfighter Charging Handle—Mod 3B

Driven by over a decade of feedback from real-world combat operations, BCM® has made continual design refinements and structural improvements to the charging handle in the M4 and M16 to address the current manual of arms for the weapon system.

Optimizing the contours into a snag-free profile that facilities immediate manipulation with an end user’s reaction side grip, the range of BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handles is available with both ambidextrous and MIL-SPEC controls.

Redesigned to eliminate the load on the pivot pin (like USGI handle fitted with an extended latch) and keep the energy from charging close the centerline of the carbine/rifle, BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handles provide a larger interrupted engagement surface with a smaller silhouette.

This new charging handle is forged from 7075 T6 Aluminum and features an Extended Latch System, Hard Coat Anodized per Mil-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2, GFH—Mod 3B (large latch) and Mod 4B (medium latch) and is compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 Direct Impingement Weapon Systems. It is not compatible with adjustable gas keyed bolt carrier groups. The BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle is made by BCM® MFG, Inc. in the U.S.