Eurosatory 2016


The 2016 exhibition of Eurosatory was held from June 13 to 17, at Paris-Nord Villepinte, covering 50 acres and having 1,571 exhibitors. During the exhibition, 70 conferences were organized and also two daily dynamic shows. Many exhibitors presented heavy equipment and electronic devices rather than small arms, which were still numerous and some interesting things could be seen.

ReX 01 pistol, made in Slovania. (© Jean Huon)


The Slovenian company produces the ReX Zero 1 pistol. It works with an improved Browning device. It is offered in standard or compact versions. The frame has a square trigger guard and is made of aircraft quality light alloy, with a Picatinny rail at the top.The slide has an ejection port on the right side and wide serrations at the front and at the rear.The trigger system is either single or double action and an ambidextrous safety is located at the rear of the frame. The bolt-open latch is also used to release the hammer.

ReX AKB-15 assault rifle. (© Jean Huon)

Arex also makes variations of the AKM assault rifle. It has the same sheet-metal lower receiver and has a light alloy upper receiver with a Picatinny rail. The handguard is made of ventilated light alloy and has several rails. The foldable polymer stock can be adjusted in length.


The Bulgarian small arms factory presented a very large choice of Soviet-type pistols, assault rifles and machine guns, both in Russian or NATO calibers.


The American sniper rifle producer presented severalmodels:

-MRAD bolt action rifle with an ergonomic stock and 10 round magazine, available in many calibers including 260 Remington.
-Model 95, bolt action .50 caliber with a Bullpup stock,
-M 107 A1, semi-automatic developed from the M 82 A1.

M 240 LW Lightened machine gun made by Barrett. (Barrett)

Barrett also presented their lightened M 240 machine gun. The receiver is manufactured from two symetrical forged parts, welded together, instead of 64 riveted parts. Weight is 5.5 lbs less than the M240 standard. The gun has a 7.62-mm barrel and a new folding stock.


Beretta had a large choice of semi-automatic pistols; and also MX 4 carbine and ARX 160 assault rifle.


Colt single action Frontier revolvers, and pistols from the M 1911 A1 family were exhibited with assault rifles and carbines derived from the AR-15, M 16, M 4 and AR-10.


The Czech company was at Eurosatory with CZ 75 pistols and variations, the Bren CZ 805 assault rifle and Scorpion EVO 3 SMG

Desert Tech compact carbine. (© Jean Huon)

Desert Tech

This American company specializes in compact bolt action carbines with Bullpup stocks. Length is between 32.48″ and 38.26″ with 22″ or 26″ barrel. Weight is between 10.58 lbs and 10.97 lbs. SRS-A1 carbines can be supplied in .260 Remington, 6.5 mm Creedmore, 6.5 x 47 Lapua, 7 mm WSm, .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum calibers.

DRD Rifle Offerings.


This American company supplies semi-automatic carbines inspiree from the AR-15 or AR-10 families, but they are take-down sniper and designated marksman rifles of very high quality:

-CDR 15 (5.56 x 4();
-Paratus (7.62 x 51);
-M 762 (7.62 x 51);
-Kivaari (.338 Lapua Magnum).

DRD Kivaari sniper rifle. (DRD)
Excalibur PAR Mk 3 assault rifle is made in Czech republic. (Excalibur)

ExCaliber Arms

This Czech company presented several models of small arms, including an M4 style carbine, but there are no common parts with the M4. The design works with gas action and a piston. It is available in 5.56 x 45, but other calibers can be obtained. It has a telescopic stock and Picatinny rails with classic iron or optical sights.

FB Lucznik

For several years, Fabrika Broni Lucznik from Radom in Poland has presented a new 5.56-mm family of assault rifles. They have a common mechanism with gas action and the modular design permits a standard model (MSBS K) or a Bullpup rifle (MSBS B) in several configurations:

-rifle with 16″ barrel,
-rifle with 40-mm grenade launcher,
-carbine with 10.08″ barrel,
-sniper rifle with 16″ accuracy barrel and special trigger,
-light machine gun with heavy 16″ barrel. A 7.62-mm MSBS also exists, in standard or sniper versions (barrels lengths are respectfully 406 mm and 508 mm).

The Minimi Tactical light machine gun receives a new stock. (FN Herstal)

<FN Herstal

FN Herstal has two new variation of the Minimi machine gun, with a telescopic stock (Mk 3 SF), which can also have a shoulder rest (Mk 3 Tactical SB).

General Dynamics

This American company is the manufacturer of several heavy weapons:

-M 2 A1, .50 machine gun,
-GAU-19/B, .50 Three barrel electrical powered gun,
-LWMMG, .338 Lapua Magnum machine gun, which fills the gap between 7.62 mm and .50,
-MK 19 Mod. 3 and MK 47 Mod. 0, 40 mm automatic grenade launchers.


The Austrian company proposes two new pistols: Glock 42 (.380 ACP) and Glock 43 (9 x 19).


Israeli Military Industries exhibited various small arms:

-pistols (Jericho),
-submachine guns (UZI Pro),
-assault rifles (Tavor, X 95, ACE),
-machine gun (Negev),
-sniper rifles (Galil, DAN),
-support device (Elog).


New rifle developed by Kalashnikov Israël from an AK-47. (© Jean Huon)

Kalasnikov Group

This Russian company produces a large variety of small arms: pistols, assault rifles in various calibers (5.45 mm, 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 12 bore), submachine guns, grenade-launchers and sniper rifles. It can also provide 30-mm aircraft cannon, rockets, inflatable boats and drones!

Kalashnikov Israel

We can’t find the exact relation between this company and the Russian group, but they have the same logo. The Alfa rifle is basically an AK-47: same gas system and bolt. Frame is made of two polymer parts assembled together and a hand guard with Picatinny rails. Folding stock can be adjusted in length. Ambidextrous selector can be actuated with the thumb. Actuating lever can be placed on the right side or on the left. The rifle can be furnished for 7.62 x 39 or 5.56 x 45 cartridges and it uses Kalashnikov or Stanag type magazines. Two barrel lengths are available.


The Turkish company produces many licensed variations of automatic weapons derived from the G 3 or MP 5 and they also make the new 7.62-mm MPT-76 assault rifle exhibited at the previous Eurosatory. It is currently in production for the Turkish Army.

Orbital ATK

This American company manufactures several automatic weapons:

-XM 25, 25-mm automatic individual grenade launcher, it shoots a special cartridge with an explosive bullet which can be used up to 600 m,
-25-mm Bushmaster automatic cannon,
-M 230 LF Chain Gun, used on the Apache helicopter,
-PaWS (Palletized Weapon System Modules), an ATK 30-mm Bushmaster cannon, fitted on a standard palette which can be loaded in any cargo plane; it also has a shooting assistance device and can be used to shoot through a gunport and convert the plane to a Gunship.

Pakistan Ordnance Factory

Exhibition of various small arms, including licensed Heckler & Koch models and native riotguns.

Penn Arms

American manufacturer of single-shot or repeating grenade launchers and anti-riot ammunitions.


Large choice of pistols of various calibers, MPX submachine guns, MCX, SIG 516 or SIG 716 assault rifles.


The Austrian company presented several automatic pistols, AUG assault rifle or STM 556 which is built on the M 16 design and also sniper rifles.

ST Kinetic

The Singapore manufacturer builds several automatic weapons: the Ultimax 100-light machine guns used by more than 15 countries, assault rifles, personal defence weapon and a 40-mm grenade launcher.

S & T Dynamics

Coming from South Korea, S & T presented the K 2 assault rifle, DP 51 pistols, a copy of the Corner Shot, K 14 sniper rifle and the K 12 belt fed, the K11 which is a combined 5.56 assault rifle/20-mm automatic grenade launcher. K 7 and K 9 are 9-mm submachine guns. The K 3 is a light machine gun close to the Minimi K 4 is an automatic 40-mm grenade-launcher and K 6 a local production of the .50 M 2 H.B.

Taurus TCP 738 pistol. (Taurus)


Taurus still has a large choice of handguns, with a new model: the Curve. It is a curved pistol which can be carried near the body. The frame is made of polymer and is curved, with a steel slide. It shoots a .380 ACP cartridge and is a blowback pistol, with small weight and size. It works with double action only and is fitted with an internal hammer. It can mount a light or a laser sight. More conventional, the TCP 738 is a .380 ACP small pistol built with similar characteristics.

The T4 is a new assault rifle also made by Taurus in the M 16 style, with 12″ or 14.5″ barrel. The receiver is of light alloy and has a bolt made of nickel/steel alloy. Other parts (stock, pistol grip, trigger guard and magazine) are made by Magpul. It works with direct gas action.


Despite some hesitation on the part of the exhibitor it was possible to look and handle the F 90 assault rifle built by the Australian division of the French Thales group. It is designed from the EF 88 which is the Steyr AUG built in the kangaroo country. Components were improved and lightened. A long upper Picatinny

rail transfers the energy contained in batteries in the stock to an electronic shooting device or communication system. Other rails are located on both sides and under the forearm.

The rifle can be furnished with 14″, 16″ or 20″ barrels and has various accessories:
-knife bayonet;
-Austrian 40-mm Madrich side-loading grenade launcher;
-Finnish Ase-Ultra sound suppressor;
-Blank-firing device which can stop a bullet.


For its first participation at the exhibition, this Ukrainian company had several 30-mm ZTM-1 and ZTM-2 automatic cannons, shooting anti-material shells in 30 x 165mm. KBA 117 is an automatic anti-personnal 30-mm grenade launcher (30×29), with a 1 700 m range.

U.S. Ordnance

The American machine gun manufacturer exhibited various automatic weapons:

-M 60E6;
-M 2 HB;
-M 240/MAG 58;
-MK 19 grenade launcher.

Verney-Carron 7.62 mm sniper rifle designed from the AR-10. (© Jean Huon)

Verney-Carron Security

This French company presented new less lethal launchers and various materials for security forces:

-40-mm grenade launcher with muzzle brake;
-new stock for the Ruger Mini 14/AMD 556 carbine;
-44-mm less lethal launcher which can be fitted on any assault rifle;
-various soft bullet ammunition.

The joint venture of Verney-Carron Security and RDS Industry (Herle Kaigre) has several automatic weapons of AR-15 design:

-9 x 19 VCD submachine gun with 10.5″ barrel, telescopic stock, Picatinny rails; it uses the UZI or Glock magazine;
-5.56-mm VCD assault rifle with 11″, 14.5 or 20″ barrels, telescopic stock, NATO magazine; it can accept a sound reducer.

A sniper rifle built on the AR-10 design is also available; it can accept various scopes and a quick-mounted RDS sound suppressor.


The Serbian company had a large choice of infantry weapons: assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade-launchers, and anti-tank weapons.