BCN Technical Services, Inc.


Many are familiar with industry ammo manufacturers, but who makes and upgrades the machines that produce the ammo? BCN Technical Services, Inc. has been in the business of making new stamping machines (and rebuilding existing machines) for decades.

A large part of the production process of any cartridge case ammunition is done with metal stamping machines. These can be relatively small, producing only enough pressure to form a copper jacket over a projectile core, to very large where a “cup” of metal is drawn under very high pressure in a series of presses to form large caliber cartridge cases.

To simplify a chain of events, the general method of making a cartridge case for small arms ammunition is as follows:

  • Annealed brass (or other metal) sheet is punch pressed to create the discs or “cups” that will become the cartridge case.
  • The cups are drawn in a die to get the first basic form, then are pressure drawn again to stretch the metal deeper, more draws are performed perfecting a case rim and neck.
  • There are a variety heat treatments, baths, annealing and other processes, depending on what the manufacturer determines will make the proper case characteristics. In the end, a cartridge case is completed and ready for loading.
  • Forming a projectile has a variety of press-related processes as well; forming the projectile cup into the receiving form, cutting or forming lead or other wire to the correct core size, pressing the jacket onto the core, inserting tracer, incendiary or other pellets for effects, and finishing the projectile.
  • In final production, the inspections, insertion of primers, powder and projectile all require special machinery.

BCN supplies machinery that performs everything in the above chain of processes, from an individual replacement machine to a complete production line for a caliber or variety of calibers.

It’s possible to design the line to be switched on caliber output, to dual use the machines and save time, space and money.

Stamping presses are by nature robust machines. There are many presses working around the world that have been in operation since World War II, and while some parts wear out and need replacement, the basic machines are solid. Finding spare parts is difficult at times, but unless a company is prepared to replace a machine, spare parts are needed. BCN has addressed this, and they produce and stock many OEM parts for the following machines:

  • Bliss
  • Clearing
  • Niagara
  • USI
  • Toledo
  • Consolidated Press
  • Waterbury Farrell™
  • Wilkins and Mitchell
  • Others

BCN Technical Services, Inc. is active worldwide (SADJ has found them exhibiting at defense trade shows all over the world) and BCN is actively supplying equipment in many countries. Other services available from BCN are engineering for stamping press repair, press rebuilds and modifications, disassembly, machining and reassembly, Torc-Pac repairs, rebuilds and field service on almost any stamping presses or production lines.

BCN Technical Services, Inc. is located in Hastings, MI USA. For more information go to