Izlid Ultra by B.E. Meyers


The new IZLID® Ultra is the smallest and most rugged 1-Watt IR laser pointer and illuminator. This laser combines the long-range brightness of the IZLID® 1000 with a compact, lightweight form factor for rapid deployment under combat conditions. The ultra bright beam of the IZLID® Ultra is unsurpassed — it is viewable by high-flying aircraft from over 43 kilometers away with standard night vision goggles, and able to cut through fog, dust, and high-ambient lighting conditions. It is an ideal laser for calling-in aircraft strikes, as a command pointer in urban environments, for sniper illumination, or any situation where a high-powered, variable-beam IR laser is required. Three output modes (low, high and pulsed) and continuous zoom equip the warfighter with the optimum tool for nighttime operations.  www.bemeyers.com