The RS8 Sniper Rifle

The RS8 Sniper Rifle


(English translation of C.G. Haenel’s press release)

The traditional Suhl company, Haenel, has created a sniper rifle system for police and special forces use.  The RS8 (Rifle System) is a bolt-action rifle that, according to the manufacturer, sets new standards in ergonomics and modularity.  With the first, the rifle can be adapted to the marksman, with the second attribute it can be adapted to the situation in which it is to be used.   Designed as a system from the start, the RS8 is a state-of-the-art rifle using the best available materials and production technologies.  The rifle was developed together with experienced weapon designers and people with practical police experience.

Many Interfaces and Fittings
A large number of fittings, based on Picatinny rails, allow the system to be expanded with standard accessories such as the Parker-Hale or Harris bipods.  The system has been optimized for Zeiss/Hensold telescopic sights and night-sights and can be delivered fully calibrated for these components.  The rifle system is, however, compatible with all precision sights.

Suhl Arms Alliance
C. G. Haenel produces as part of the Suhl Arms Alliance, a group of industrial and small gunsmith companies in the Suhl region.  Through this alliance it has the ability to use cold hammered barrel and CNC technologies.  The production processes meet the industrial standard ISO 9001 and NATO Standards.   Through the use of CAD technology, a completely new precise trigger unit was constructed.  Free pull, resistance, position and trigger resistance (8 to 20 N) are all freely adjustable for every marksman’s requirements.   In addition to its quality management system and logistic and service ability, C.G. Haenel will be offering buyers in the police and military areas a comprehensive documentation and service package.

A Brand Steeped in Tradition
In the 20th Century, C.G. Haenel was known as an innovative automatic weapon producer – known through brothers Hugo and Hans Schmeisser, weapon designer and senior managers.  During the GDR years, the company was integrated into the industrial conglomerate Thälmann-Werk and produced air guns and small caliber sporting weapons.  The RS8 System was developed in 2008 and Haenel goes to great lengths to point out that this is not a sport variant of a sport or hunting rifle, but is a special development designed for a specific market.  However, a sporting rifle variant is in planning.

Caliber and Variants
There will be three variants on offer from the start: a basic version in calibers .308 Win and 300 Win. Mag. with 600 mm and 630 mm barrel lengths; a handy compact version, with a 510 mm barrel in caliber .308 Win. and a variant for sub-sonic ammunition, the RS8 Subsonic with a 350 mm barrel and a special silencer.  The weight of the weapon will vary between 5.3 kg for the basic and 4.9 kg for the subsonic.  The total length lies between 1,160 mm (Basic) and 1,040 mm (Compact).  The RS8 in .338 Lapua is in development.

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