SOFEX 2008

SOFEX 2008


Beretta takes a great leap forward in the modular style weapon system called the ARX160.  Basic caliber is in 5.56x45mm NATO; however the system can be changed to 7.62x39mm or 6.8x43mm by changing out the barrel, lower receiver and bolt head.  Ejection and charging can be right or left hand.  This author configured it immediately to his preferred right hand eject and left hand charging using items at hand with no special tools needed.  Beretta’s heavy use of polymers and rail connecting systems eliminate weight and the pins that are a loss problem in many systems.  Our first hands-on look at the ARX160 included the first time we have ever seen the operating system, which Beretta has closely guarded.  The quick change barrel came in two lengths, 12 inch, and two 16 inch variants, one of which was a heavy barrel.  The four position extendable stock offered most of the “comfort zone” and the short swing 90 degree fire selector was ambidextrous and easy to use.  We look forward to getting a full live fire test going on this system, especially since it is clear that Beretta took the time to design the base rifle, rail systems, add-ons, and grenade launcher module all together instead of as after-thoughts.  The attention to detail shows, and now, we need to get one in to put rounds downrange.

Lewis Machine & Tool
Karl Lewis of Lewis Machine & Tool happily demonstrates the package he is offering with LEI. An HK G36C with Law Enforcement International BLK-16 5.56mm suppressor and Lewis Machine Tool 40x46mm M203 rail mount variant with 9-inch barrel. LMT has recently been awarded some significant contracts for the Jordanian Special Forces in cooperation with Law Enforcement International from the UK. Both the LMT M203 and the LEI BLK-16 suppressor are Standard for the Jordanian Special Forces.

U.S. Ordnance
US Ordnance’s aggressive international marketing program, led by Steve Helzer, has them dominating the field on many of the belt-fed program scenarios around the world. In this case, the M60D has many E4 upgrades, and US Ordnance also featured their new M16 series of rifles, as well as the M2HB .50 BMG that they are in production on.

Dillon Aero
Dillon Aero’s Bryce Hatfield and Chris Dillon were on hand to show several variations of the mounts for the M134D Gatling Gun: the famous “Minigun.” There was a strong response from the attendees as evidenced by the smile on this Jordanian officer’s face, and Dillon has an on-going sales program with the Jordanian government.

Law Enforcement International (UK)
Mike Fortune, sales manager of Law Enforcement International, shows the sniper package that LEI has delivered hundreds of to the Jordanian Special Forces. The package consists of a Sako TLG-22 7.62mm bolt action sniper rifle, tan stock, LEI’s BLK-10 7.62mm suppressor, and a Schmidt & Bender 3-12 x 50mm tactical scope.