Press Release: LWRCI adds DSG Arms to its Growing Law Enforcement Distribution Team


For Immediate Release

(Cambridge, Md.) July 14, 2015. LWRC International announces the addition of DSG Arms as an authorized law enforcement wholesale distributor representing the company’s full line of high performance firearms.

“DSG Arms is a well respected, highly knowledgeable, professional distribution organization that shares our core values focused upon delivering best-in-category quality, performance and customer service, says David Ridley, senior vice president sales and marketing. “We are proud to partner with DSG and look to further expand our brand and product line with law enforcement and government customers.”

Established in 1995, DSG Arms built its business by representing top-notch equipment for the military and law enforcement community. “Product selection is key: Utility, innovation and durability drive the products we choose to sell, and LWRCI meets and exceeds that objective,” said Charlie Willis, DSG Arm’s sales manager. “LWRCI is a highly reputable and sought after brand, manufacturing rifles and carbines that meet the highest quality standards – the kind of products that we would want issued to us.”

DSG Arms will offer LWRCI rifles and carbines built on the patented LWRCI self regulating short-stroke gas piston system including the M6 Legacy, IC Individual Carbine 5.56, SIX 8, 6.8 SPC and R.E.P.R. 7.62 NATO lines as well as the full array of LWRCI parts and accessories.

About LWRC International

Cambridge, Md. based LWRC International designs and manufactures high performance firearms. Its mission is to deliver absolute reliability, consistent accuracy and extreme durability. Through innovative design, engineering excellence, cutting edge manufacturing processes and materials technologies, LWRCI products are built to perform and exceed end users expectations. To learn more, visit or call 410-901-1348


Founded in 1995, Defense Solutions Group, Incorporated (DSGI) is a privately owned U.S. Corporation that serves the aerospace, defense, law enforcement and shooting sports industries. DSGI distributes high end weapons components, optics, body armor and tactical gear to government, wholesale, and retail outlets. DSGI is a U.S. Government Registered Contractor, Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer, and Special Occupational Taxpayer (SOT) under the National Firearms Act. and Is registered with the U.S. Department of State’s Political Military Affairs Office and U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security / U.S. Department of Commerce.

From Top to Bottom: IC A5 Individual Carbine 5.56 NATO, SIX 8 SPR Special Purpose Rifle 6.8 SPC, R.E.P.R. 20 Spiral Barrel 7.62 NATO.

From Top to Bottom: IC A5 Individual Carbine 5.56 NATO, SIX 8 SPR Special Purpose Rifle 6.8 SPC, R.E.P.R. 20 Spiral Barrel 7.62 NATO.


David Golladay
DAG Tactical Communications