EHP (Electronic Hearing Protection) announces the addition of the new EHD- MC1 to their line of sound amplification/hearing protection products.  The EHD- MC1 is the most advanced mini-ITC (In The Canal) unit available and will take outdoor enthusiasts hearing enhancement and protection to an entirely new level.  The EHD- MC1 increases the user’s ability to hear up to nine times their normal hearing yet compresses any sound over 85 db to a safe level.  This totally digital two channel unit uses AFC (Advanced Feedback Cancellation) technology and with its omni-directional microphone, the EHD- MC1 provides the user with crystal clear sound.  The EHD- MC1 has an easy ON/OFF switch and a memory button to choose from four pre-set programs to precisely set the unit for individual needs.  The EHD- MC1 has a small and very discrete design that gives the user a comfortable all-day fit.  Each pre-set program increases the gain from 25db up to 45 db of power.  This unique feature gives the user the ability to pinpoint sound – even in a noisy environment such as trying to hear range announcements during multiple shooting events or locating the direction of a distant gobble, bugle, or sounds of approaching game.  Competition shooters are raving about their ability to hear the shot timer much sooner than their peers who use standard passive hearing protection.  The EHD- MC1 has a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 29 dB coupled with CD-quality sound which makes the new EHD- MC1 the ultimate tool for shooting and outdoor enthusiasts.  The EHD- MC1 uses one standard #10A Cell Zinc-Air battery and because it contains more efficient digital circuitry, battery life expectancy has surpassed the competition – giving the user up to 100 hours of worry-free unsurpassed sound quality and speech clarity that only digital technology can produce.  EHD- MC1 comes with its own belt-clip padded carrying case.   They can be found at