US POD BOX Armorer's Cart

US POD BOX Armorer’s Cart


US POD BOX, the original U.S. provider of mobile units to transport supplies and capabilities for multiple professional applications, announces more options to the PODBOX line, including an aluminum laminate and even an all aluminum cart. The PODBOX originated in the preparedness world as a solution to the needs of responders for local, regional, state and international deployment requirements. The PODBOX offers many customized solutions for law enforcement armorers and investigators including an armorers cart designed by a firearms & toolmarks examiner and armorer. This unique solution for the armorer allows them the mobility to work at the range as well as at their department. US POD BOX offers hand-held carrying cases for firearms and PODBOXES for crime scene investigations. US POD BOX products feature quality construction and are built durable to withstand years in even the most demanding environments. The highly customizable PODBOX features a unique removable front panel that becomes a table with tilt bins in the hinged lid with plenty of hand holds/pulls and places for tie-downs. Build rugged for transportation, each PODBOX also features EZ Glide casters for easy mobility. Standard PODBOX sizes are 24”, 36”, 48” and 60”. Seventy-two inch cases are available as custom models and other customized options are also available.