Thompson Machine's Poseidon Suppressors

Thompson Machine’s Poseidon Suppressors


Thompson Machine’s Poseidon series of sound suppressors represent something truly new on the sound suppressor market. While most 9mm and .45 ACP pistol suppressors are 7 + inches long and weigh in at around 10 ounces or more, Thompson Machine’s Poseidon 9mm is a scant 4.25 inches in length and weighs a barely-there 3.5oz. Designed to suppress your sidearm to a hearing-safe level without significantly affecting its handling characteristics, the Poseidon series of suppressors uses artificial environment technology combined with a cutting edge baffle design to provide shocking efficiency and sound suppression in an impossibly small package. Perhaps most amazingly, the Poseidon .45 which quiets the bark of the mighty and venerable .45 ACP cartridge is only 4.5 inches long and weighs less than 5oz. In addition to their line of micro-suppressors (which includes a 4 inch .22 LR suppressor called the Wasp for rimfire enthusiasts), Thompson Machine manufactures a full range of suppressors, from 4 different models of .22LR muzzle suppressor up to 5.56 and .30cal centerfire rifle suppressors. Everything that Thompson Machine makes is easily disassemble-able for cleaning and user service, which is also a feature that sets their suppressors apart. Watch future issues of Small Arms Defense Journal for in-depth test and evaluation articles on upcoming new products from Thompson Machine. (