Symposia at Shrivenham: the 22nd Small Arms & Cannon Symposium


Viking Arms Ltd.
Viking Arms Ltd, of Harrowgate, England, is a 40 year old distribution company that services the firearms customers in the UK.  They developed much of their business in the law enforcement and military communities and were a major presenter of product in the vendor’s area.  We chose to feature the Viking Arms offerings to show how well represented the small arms community is at this show.

Viking Arms Ltd represents the following companies in the UK: Ruger, Colt Canada, Uncle Mike’s, Fabarm, Thompson Centre Arms, David Pedersoli, Pelican, Volquartsen, Magtech, Merkel-Waffen, EOTech, Hoppes, Nammo Lapua Oy, Streamlight, Rec-T-Fire, Inc., Electorphysics, Henry Repeating Arms Co., Brugger & Thomet, M.E.N., HS Precision, N-Vision, GrovTec, Uniforce Gloves, and XGO.

In the above photo, Viking Arms presents a selection of tactical firearms with EOTech Holographic sights mounted, and various B&T accessory rail units added.  (Left side: Top) Fabarm 12 gauge Shotgun.  (Middle)  HK G36C.  (Bottom)  HK MP5-A2.  (Right side) HK MP-7A1 in 4.6x30mm, B&T GL-06 40mm Stand-alone Grenade Launcher, Knight’s Armament Company SR-16 in M4 configuration.  (Front) SA80A2 (L85A2) with B&T rail forend and Suppressor.

Viking Arms featured the APR Sniper Rifle System from Brugger & Thomet, which is offered in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308) and 8.6x70mm (.338 Lapua Magnum). The example shown here is an APR308 with Schmidt & Bender custom optic and Brugger & Thomet suppressor. Brugger & Thomet’s products are offered in the UK by Viking Arms Ltd., in the U.S. by DS Arms, and worldwide by Brugger & Thomet.

Istec Services Ltd.
Mark Lee and Jane Cooper of Istec Services Ltd. presented the Istec UGM (Universal Gun Mount).  Typical weapons that are fitted to the UGM are: 40mm H&K GMG, 40mm MK19 grenade launcher, 20mm GIAT 621 Cannon, 12.7mm (.50 caliber) M2HB HMG, and the L7 Series GPMG/7.62mm FN MAG 58 (single and twin).

The UGM is designed to provide a solid, backlash-free platform when clamped.  After the weapon has been roughly aimed and clamped, fine adjustments can be made by means of two control wheels allowing the weapon to be finely zeroed or ‘walked’ across the target.  This ensures exceptional single shot accuracy and the ability to quickly engage or track targets.  A wide arc of elevation/depression and traverse gives the user good options of engaging targets without losing any of the accurising features.

Tel: +44(0)1920 871734
Fax: +44(0)1920 871357

A new product from MilPolice is the Tyre-Destroyer, which is designed to penetrate the sidewall of a vehicle tire. The operator can either twist the handle clockwise to allow the spike to be left in the tire or twist left to increase the hole allowing the resultant damage to look similar to pothole damage. The unit is vented allowing controlled deflation while the spike is still attached. The reverse end has a convenient glass breaker and it is hollow to allow for carrying spare spikes. The unit is extremely effective and can be utilized with whatever policy the operational guidelines allow for disabling vehicles without having to use firearms. (Shotgun shell in the photo is for size gauging.)

Milpolice Equipment
Steven Blakely of MilPolice is a fixture around the world at military and police trade shows and he has built MilPolice up over the years from MilPolice’s flagship product “Weapon-Clear” to include some very interesting range and tactical items for the community.  Shown are two of the MilPolice Weapon-Clear units.  There are five offered: shown are the shorter, red colored “Emergency-Clear” unit, and the full sized “Rifle-Clear” unit.  Both will handle from handguns up to .50 BMG (12.7x99mm) AP rounds.  These are an excellent and necessary range and building safety additions to allow all armed personnel to safely double-check and “prove” clearance on their firearms before leaving a range or entering a facility.  More information is at  Not shown is the new ShockKnife, which is an effective training tool regarding knife fighting.  This manipulation aid delivers varying levels of battery sourced electrical shock on contact with the trainee and is a very good deterrent to help the trainee understand the reality of contact with an edged weapon in a fight.

In a very active presentation, Qioptic presented their VIPIR and VIPIR-2 Thermal Weapon Sights.
AIM InfraRot-Module’s display of Infrared and visible source security cameras and surveillance systems introduced the attendees to what was possible for detail in their new modules.