Swedish Ordnance Taming the Flash


SADJ was recently in Sweden on a tour of defense industry contractors including Saab, Nammo, and Aimpoint, and we had the opportunity to stop in and visit with an innovative armorer workshop- Swedish Ordnance.

Per-Inge Nilsson has been a gunsmith and armorer his entire life, and has worked with many machine shop processes, both modern and legacy. His shop has provided many training and repair projects to the Swedish military, and he has a passion for the history of firearms- leading to the forensic collection of Carl Gustav SMG (Swedish K) parts he has accumulated.

SADJ was primarily interested in the Carl Gustav 84mm training system that Per is working on with Saab, and we were reviewing the tube-stock additions to the HK G3 series (Swedish AK4) which allow for using M16 style collapsible buttstocks. When we arrived, we had the chance to review those items as well as rail systems for the G3 series, and an interesting in-line suppressor/flash hider for rifle caliber barrels. This is all detailed on their website, but the star of the visit was the flash hiders Per had created for the NSV and DShK series machine guns. SADJ highly recommends checking out the results that are evident on the website. This is a nice solution for the heavy flash from 12.7x108mm machine guns.


Swedish Ordnance flash hiders Left to Right: FH1401 for M2HB .50 caliber machine gun (12.7x99mm); FH1402 for the NSV in 12.7x108mm; and FH1403 for the DSHK M 12.7x108mm machine gun. These all install on their respective host machine guns without modification to the barrel.
Swedish Ordnance is an integral part of the team presenting the Carl Gustav laser training module for the 84mm M2, M3, or M4 systems. No modifications are needed to the weapon- simply insert in the tube and the simulator applies a laser “Hit” on the training screen when fired. Firing is done using the normal fire controls. Point of aim is adjusted according to the round trajectory. This well-made tool can save a lot of costs and help the operator prepare for live fire training.