RUAG Ammotec: Tactical Ammunition for Special Forces

RUAG Ammotec: Tactical Ammunition for Special Forces


The origin of RUAG Ammotec can be traced back to the Eidgenossische Munitionsfabrik established by the Swiss Confederation in Thun in 1863.  In 1995, this was merged with another Swiss firm, Munitionsfabrik Altdorf to form the Schweizerische Munitionsfabrik (SM), following which expansions and reorganization occurred rapidly.  In 1999, RUAG Holding was formed to incorporate SM; the name changed to RUAG Munition in 2001.  The small arms ammunition sector of Dynamit Nobel was acquired in 2002, leading to the change of name to RUAG Ammotec.  Dynamit Nobel had previously acquired RWS, Geco, and Norma.  In 2003, RUAG took over the sales and trademark rights of the Austrian company Hirtenberger AG, and in 2008 absorbed MFS 2000, the Hungarian ammunition company.  RUAG Ammotec, Tampa, Florida USA was formed in 2009.

RUAG Ammotec is part of RUAG, an international aerospace and defence technology group with a workforce of 7,700 employees worldwide.  RUAG Ammotec’s headquarters are in Thun, Switzerland, but it has locations in Germany, Austria, France, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, and the USA, with manufacturing plants in five countries.  The company focuses on the production of ammunition in three categories: Law Enforcement and Armed Forces; Hunting & Sports; and Industrial Products.  Well-known names in the Hunting & Sports section are RWS, Rottweil, GECO, Norma and Hirtenberger.

Tactical Ammunition

RUAG Ammotec produces pistol and rifle ammunition designed for specialist military and law enforcement purposes as well as conventional military rounds.  Calibers available are: 4.6×30 (HK MP7); 9×19; 5.56×45 and .223 Remington; 7.62×51 and .308 Winchester; .300 Whisper; .300 Winchester Magnum; .338 Lapua Magnum; and 12.7×99 (.50 BMG).  Training rounds, plus the 12 gauge Magnum ENTRY door breaching rounds, are also offered.  The SWISS P line consists of precision ammunition intended for snipers and designated marksmen.

The types of ammunition manufactured include the following:

  • FMJ (lead-cored jacketed bullet, SINOXID non-corrosive primer): 9×19; 5.56×45; 7.62×51 (M80)
  • FMJ HA (High Accuracy, a selected version of the Swiss Army’s GP90: fully-encapsulated lead-cored, steel- jacketed bullet): 5.56×45
  • HC (Hard Core bullet): 5.56×45 (FMJ-SS109); 7.62×51 and .50 BMG (steel-cored bullet with brass semi-jacket and exposed tip)
  • LF HC SX (brass jacket and core with hardened steel tip within jacket): 5.56×45;
  • FMJ SX (non-toxic, with SINTOX lead-free primer): 4.6×30; 9×19 (fully encapsulated lead-cored bullet);
  • FMJ SXF (FMJ SX with the addition to the primer of the marking agent Gadolinium to assist forensics): 9×19+P;
  • FMJ SECA SXF (lead free, brass deformation bullet): 9×19+P;
  • ACTION series (lead free, brass hollow-point bullet): 4.6×30; 9×19 (plastic-tipped),
  • HP SXF: 9×19;
  • AP SX: 4.6×30 (copper-plated steel bullet); 9×19 (tin-plated brass bullet)
  • AP TC (lead and tungsten carbide-core bullet): 5.56×45
  • Tracer: 9×19; 5.56×45 (M856 – IR version also available); 7.62×51 (M62)
  • Subsonic FMJ: 9×19;
  • Subsonic HP SX: 9×19;
  • Frangible SX (bullet is sintered copper): 9×19; 5.56×45;
  • Frangible COPPER-MATRIX SX (bullet is copper in polymer matrix): 9×19; 5.56×45;
  • SWISS P Ball (jacketed lead core): .223 Rem; .308 Win; .300 Win Mag; .338 Lapua Mag
  • SWISS P Target (brass-jacketed with open point and lead core): .223 Rem; .308 Win; .300 Whisper (subsonic); .300 Win Mag; .338 Lapua Mag
  • SWISS P Styx Action (brass-jacketed, lead-cored, hollow point): .223 Rem; .308 Win; .300 Win Mag; .338 Lapua Mag
  • SWISS P Armour Piercing (brass-jacketed, lead and tungsten carbide core): .223 Rem; .308 Win; .300 Win Mag; .338 Lapua Mag
  • SWISS P Final SR (short range, lead-cored brass-jacketed hollow-point): .223 Rem; .308 Win
  • SWISS P TACTICAL (brass, blunt-nose bullet for penetrating glass): .308 Win; .300 Win Mag; .338 Lapua Mag
  • SWISS P Subsonic (HPBT Match bullet): .308 Win; .338 Lapua
  • SWISS P Subsonic Final (JHP with fragmenting core of pressed lead pellets): .308 Win; .300 Whisper
  • SWISS P API (brass-jacketed bullet with tungsten core and titanium tip): .338 Lapua Mag


1) 5.56×45 LF HC+SX. The 5.56mm LF HC+ SX is specifically designed to NATO standards in order to achieve improved penetration over a longer range.  The bullet mainly consists of a hardened steel core, which comprises two-thirds of the bullet weight.  The brass shoe is in effect a semi-jacket wrapped around the rear half of the core in order to take the rifling.  This design provides minimal barrel wear and allows outstanding accuracy as well as excellent penetration on hard targets.  A high performance powder ensures an extra long shelf life under extreme conditions; the round is fully compliant with climate zone A1 requirements.  The LF HC+ SX round is particularly suited to use in machine guns and is also available linked in belts, in mixed ratios with other loadings according to the customer’s requirements.


  • Bullet: hardened steel core with a brass shoe; weight 4.0 g / 62 grains
  • Case: brass, w/ SINTOX non-toxic primer
  • Cartridge weight: 12.2 g / 188 grains
  • Muzzle velocity: 935 m/s (3,068 fps) from 510 mm (20 inch) barrel
  • Muzzle energy: 1,730 J (1,284 ft lbs)
  • Accuracy at 300 m: 100% radius ≤ 50 mm (2 inches)
  • Packaging: in cardboard boxes of 20 or 600 rounds.

2) .308 Winchester SWISS P Tactical.  The SWISS P Tactical rounds are specifically designed to hit targets behind an angled window or car windshield without the risk of unpredictable bullet deflection that might endanger bystanders.  Conventional bullets break apart or fragment when penetrating glass, which makes accurate shooting impossible.  At least 90% of the residual body of the RUAG SWISS P Tactical bullet stays intact, it maintains its trajectory after penetrating glass, and it does not fragment at all.  The bullet is solid brass with a flat tip.

RUAG SWISS P rounds are made to achieve match grade accuracy with coordinated ballistics and shooting characteristics from lot to lot.  All .308 Win. SWISS P Ball, Target, Styx Action and Armour Piercing have an identical point of impact at 100 m, which allows the shooter to instantly change the bullet type.


  • Bullet: solid copper, flat-nosed and boat tailed; weight 10.6 g / 163 grains.
  • Case: brass, with SINOXID non-corrosive primer
  • Cartridge weight: 24.6 g / 380 grains
  • Muzzle velocity: 820 m/s (2,690 fps) from 650 mm (25.6 inch) barrel
  • Muzzle energy: 3,965 J (2,940 ft lbs)
  • Accuracy at 300 m: 100% radius ≤ 50 mm (2 inches)
  • Packaging: in cardboard boxes of 20 or 200 rounds.

3) .300 Whisper SWISS P Subsonic Final.  The calibre .300 Whisper was especially designed for subsonic shooting.  The proportion of the chamber size and the amount of powder are optimized to ensure constant pressure build up and first hit probability.

The special bullet made from pressed pellets instantaneously disintegrates when hitting a soft target even at subsonic speed.  The penetration depth of the fragments is extremely small, minimizing the risk of over penetration and increasing the safety of bystanders.

Optimized for use in suppressed weapons, the muzzle bang is minimized and the supersonic crack is eliminated.  Excellent first hit probability

  • For silent and highly accurate secondary target shooting
  • Perfectly suitable for missions in urban terrain without attracting attention or loosing the element of surprise
  • All components are specially designed and adjusted to each other
  • Long weapon durability due to minimal barrel wear and smoke residue build up


  • Bullet: tin plated tombac jacket contained pressed lead pellets, weight 13.0 g / 200 grains
  • Case: brass, with SINOXID non-corrosive primer
  • Cartridge weight: 21.0 g / 324 grains
  • Muzzle velocity: 310 m/s (1,017 fps) from 450 mm (17.7 inch) barrel
  • Muzzle energy:  625 J (464 ft lbs)
  • Accuracy at 50 m: 100% radius ≤ 100 mm (4 inches)
  • Packaging: in cardboard boxes of 20 or 600 rounds.

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