QinetiQ North America’s EARS SWATS

QinetiQ North America’s EARS SWATS


QinetiQ North America’s EARS® SWATS® is a compact, shoulder-worn acoustic targeting system that instantly detects and locates the origin of hostile gunfire. This system provides situational awareness and protection to those who need to quickly locate and respond to enemy threats.

Combat-Tested and Field-Proven

SWATS is a rugged and reliable system that’s been field-proven by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Allied Armed Forces and national police forces around the world. The system is the smallest, lightest, lowest-power gunshot detector available and is the U.S. military’s solution of choice for Individual Gunshot Detection Systems. With more than 19,000 units shipped to 11 nations, SWATS has proved to be successful in Iraq, Afghanistan and in homeland security missions.

Increases Survivability / Saves Lives

Using SWATS to detect and localize threats enables the soldier to take cover or respond – enhancing survival. SWATS performs accurately in mountainous, urban and open terrain and features both visual and audible threat alerts and does not false alarm or respond to nearby friendly fire.

Enhances Mobility and Lethality

SWATS provides timely and actionable information and utilizes standard military references. Options for display using Universal Transverse Mercator, latitude/longitude, Military Grid Reference System and degrees or mils, enable quick reaction/call for support. SWATS built-in compass and GPS equips the warfighter to effectively navigate on the battlefield.


Designed with flexibility in mind, SWATS mounting solution is compatible with rucksacks, MOLLE gear and a wide variety of equipment ensembles.

Quality Tested

SWATS is produced using the highest manufacturing quality standards. Every SWATS unit is environmentally stress screened during assembly and 100 percent function checked prior to shipment. SWATS has been fully qualified against CE, MIL-STD-810F ruggedization and MIL-STD-461E EMI/RFI standards.

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