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IWI US, Inc. Introduces Galil Pistol for the U.S. Market

IWI US, Inc. Galil Pistol for the U.S. Market

IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., proudly announces the IWI US Galil ACE pistol for the American market. The first descendant of the world famous Galil rifle to come to the U.S. since 1993 will hit U.S. dealer’s shelves in the first quarter of 2015. The IWI US Galil ACE pistol will be available initially in 7.62x39mm with an 8.3-inch barrel and an overall length of 18 inches. The Galil ACE pistol has a 2-piece Picatinny rail with adjustable front and rear sights with Tritium post on the front site. The Tri-Rail forearm system features removable covers, including a protected pressure switch area. The Galil accepts standard AK-style magazines. A feature of the IWI US Galil ACE is the new location of the charging handle. It has been moved to the left side enabling the user to maintain control over the pistol while charging and also allows for faster target re-acquisition. The safety selector is available on right and left sides. Retail price of the new pistol will be $1,749 USD. More information can be found at

American Built Arms Company Presents MOD*X Modular Rifle System

American Built Arms Company MOD*X Modular Rifle System

American Built Arms Company, a veteran-owned, Type 07 U.S. manufacturer of firearms and firearms parts and accessories to the defense industry, has launched the A*B Arms MOD*X Modular Rifle System for the Remington Model 700. The MOD*X Modular Rifle System is designed and engineered for military, law enforcement and hunting enthusiasts. The A*B Arms MOD*X Modular Rifle System is a lightweight, ergonomic, drop-in platform for the Remington 700 Short Action. It serves as a modular foundation on which tactical accessories can be added according to the operator’s needs. Features of the new MOD*X include 20 MOA built into the Mil-Spec 1913 rail as well as it is easy to assemble with a drop-in design. The new system also has KeyMod standard mounts on three sides of the forearm for mounting equipment as well as conventional slots on two sides of the forearm. The new chassis comes with a Luth-AR MBA buttstock and an A*B Arms SBP P* grip. It also uses MDT and AICS-style magazines in .308 and .223 and it is available in either black or flat dark earth. A*B Arms has been focusing on designing a lightweight, ergonomic platform for the Remington 700 Series for over 10 months. They wanted to manufacture a rifle chassis that was much lighter than competitive chassis designs found in the industry today while maintaining our affordable, ergonomic design standard that has been found in all of A*B Arms products. They have now accomplished those goals with the MOD*X. For more information contact them at

Beretta Offers the First Factory-Equipped Guide Rod Laser

Beretta Offers the First Factory-Equipped Guide Rod Laser

One of the most trusted and field tested professional sidearms ever developed – the 92FS – is now available from the Beretta factory with a precision engineered internal Guide Rod Laser preinstalled. The new laser-equipped Beretta 92FS pistol represents LaserMax’s latest collaborative effort with the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer. Aimed at delivering the very best in high-tech products to Beretta’s loyal customer base, the new pistols will be offered in both red and green laser variants. Having adopted the M9 as the standard service sidearm in 1985, the U.S. government has purchased many hundreds of thousands of Beretta pistols for military use and over one million Beretta 92FS pistol variants have been sold to the military and police agencies of 25 other nations. These contracts and their continued renewals serve as testament to the Beretta 92 series’ ruggedness, reliability and ease of use. Thanks to the addition of the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser, the choice of professionals worldwide is now equally suited for concealed carry, home protection or duty use. LaserMax is the only manufacturer of an internal guide rod laser sight. This patented design has been proven through over a quarter century of combat and defensive use by tier one special operation forces, conventional military units, federal agents, SWAT and police professionals, and responsible firearm owners worldwide. The Guide Rod Laser installs as close to the pistol bore line as possible, ensuring the most consistent relationship between point of aim and point of impact (POA/POI) over all shooting distances. Emitting a highly visible pulsed laser for rapid target acquisition, the LaserMax sight comes factory aligned for guaranteed center-of-mass accuracy at 20 yards. For more information contact them at

SIG Sauer Introduces Supersonic .300 Blackout Elite Ammunition

SIG Sauer Introduces Supersonic .300 Blackout Elite Ammunition

SIG Sauer, Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world’s most reliable firearms, accessories, and ammunition, is pleased to announce its new .300 Blackout Supersonic Elite Performance Ammunition Match Grade Centerfire Cartridges. This supersonic round features a 125gr Sierra Matchking projectile and, like the SIG Sauer 220gr subsonic .300 Blackout round, is designed to bring out the best in today’s high-performance AR rifles. The Sierra Matchking projectiles in the .300 Blackout supersonic rounds are renowned for their superior accuracy, flat trajectory and consistent point of impact. The unique hybrid hollow point bullet design also ensures maximum expansion on point of impact. These cartridges feature match grade brass cases and function with standard .223Remington/5.56mm magazines without a reduction in capacity. The .300 Blackout is an increasingly popular caliber with target shooters and 3-gun competition shooters, and is also an excellent round for home defense in short barrel rifles. Elite military units are also evaluating the .300 Blackout as their primary CQB load. More modern sporting rifle hunters are turning to the 300 Blackout for close-range hunting of mid-sized game, including hogs and deer. For more information, visit

Glock Releases Single Stack 9mm

Glock Releases Single Stack 9mm

Glock, Inc. has just announced the release of the new Glock single stack slimline 9mm pistol, the Glock 43. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated pistol release in Glock’s history. Designed to be the answer to everyday concealed carry needs, the G43 is ultra-concealable, accurate, and comfortable for all shooters, regardless of hand size. The G43 sets a new standard for concealed carry pistols. A true slimline pistol, the frame width of the G43 is just over one inch and the slide width measures only 0.87 inch. The overall length is 6.26 inches. For those who have smaller hands, the trigger distance is only 2.6 inches, making it ideal for functionality. The single stack magazine holds 6 rounds and is the perfect concealed carry pistol for both duty and civilian use. The G43 is engineered to the same superior standards as all Glock pistols and the reliability instills confidence for all lifestyles. For more information please go to

SIG Sauer Unveils the SIG MCX


SIG Sauer, Inc. continues to set new standards in firearm design, innovation, and performance with the introduction of the SIG MCX. Designed from the ground up as a short-barreled, silenced, lightweight rifle-caliber system, the SIG MCX has reset the standard for modularity, sound suppression, and mission capability. With the introduction of the SIG MPX submachine gun, SIG Sauer raised the bar for performance and modularity in a pistol-caliber platform. The SIG MCX combines that modularity with rifle-caliber power in a compact package, designed for optimum performance with a silencer. Unlike every other firearm on the market, the SIG MCX was designed from the start for optimum performance with the .300 Blackout cartridge and a silencer. When paired with a SIG Sauer silencer, the outcome is a firearm with superior suppression capability and enhanced reliability with both supersonic and subsonic loads. An auto-regulating gas system makes the transition from subsonic to supersonic seamless. In combat situations, the SIG MCX can run supersonic on the silenced setting without damaging the firearm or negatively impacting reliability. Sharing a modular design with the SIG MPX, the SIG MCX is a mission-adaptable firearm. Changing between .300 Blackout and 5.56 NATO is as simple as swapping barrels and op rods. Converting to 7.62x39mm simply requires an additional bolt face change. All of this can be performed by the user in the field. Barrel lengths can also be changed, with 16-inch and 9-inch versions initially available. The SIG MCX features a recoil assembly that does not require a buffer tube, allowing for side folding stocks. A full-length Picatinny top rail allows for the mounting of lights or optics. Removable SIG Sauer iron sights come standard. The SIG MCX upper is compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 lowers and, with the use of a SIG MCX Stock Kit, allow consumers to fully upgrade their own system. Three variants of the SIG MCX will be available to the commercial market; semiautomatic rifle, short-barrel rifle (SBR) and pistol configurations. All will be available in .300 Blackout, 5.56 NATO or 7.62x39mm, with caliber conversions available immediately. All SIG MCX models will feature aluminum KeyMod handguards, ambidextrous AR-style controls, an ambidextrous charging handle, and will utilize standard STANAG magazines. Contact them at

Allegiance Ammunition Announces New .223 Subsonic Round

Allegiance Ammunition New .223 Subsonic Round

It’s back, it’s black and it’s bad in a quiet kind of way. Allegiance Ammunition now has a .223 round that functions the M4 and AR-15 type weapons. Whether it is for law enforcement or a military team that needs astonishing stealth combined with maximum power and performance, SilentStrike delivers. SilentStrike fully functions in semiautomatic and full auto with the M4/AR weapons platform. The round has a 110 grain lead free, frangible bullet that leaves the barrel at a silent 975 fps. The bullet has a fragmenting Tungsten powder core. The fragmenting SilentStrike gives excellent results in soft tissue even at subsonic velocities. Go to for more information.

Smith & Wesson Introduces M&P22 Compact Suppressor Ready Pistol

Smith & Wesson M&P22 Compact Suppressor Ready Pistol

As shooting enthusiasts across the nation continue to incorporate the use of sound suppressors in their shooting experience, Smith & Wesson is poised to help extend the trend by offering the new M&P22 Compact Suppressor Ready model. Based on the highly popular M&P22 Compact rimfire pistol, the new suppressor ready model is equipped with a supplemental thread adaptor and packaged with the required installation tools that allow owners to quickly and easily add the suppressor of their choice. Manufactured entirely in the United States by Smith & Wesson, the .22 LR pistol provides shooting enthusiasts with M&P accuracy and reliability in a new fun-to-shoot, compact profile. Engineered to professional standards, the new tactical rimfire pistol incorporates a variety of features inherent to the design of the full size M&P centerfire pistol in a new, smaller scale suppressor-ready version. The acceptance of sound suppressors across the shooting sports continues to gain momentum as a growing number of today’s firearm owners have been able to use these devices and see firsthand their effectiveness in reducing noise. This new version of their tactical M&P22 Compact delivers the must-have features that fans of M&P pistols have come to expect combined with the ability to add a suppressor with minimal effort. The new M&P22 Compact Suppressor Ready model features a lightweight pistol built on a polymer frame with an aluminum alloy slide and carbon steel barrel and comes pre-packaged with the required installation tools. For those consumers who already own an M&P22 Compact, Smith & Wesson is also offering a stand-alone sound suppressor adaptor kit that can be purchased separately. The M&P22 Compact Suppressor Ready model is now shipping and carries an MSRP of $409. The M&P22 Compact Sound Suppressor Adaptor Kit is also shipping to authorized Smith & Wesson dealers and has an MSRP of $39. The kit includes a thread adaptor, wrench and thread protector. For more information on the M&P22 tactical rimfire pistol, please visit

Remington Announces New RM380 Micro Pistol

Remington RM380 Micro Pistol

Remington Arms Company, LLC announced that it is now offering the Model RM380, an all-metal, micro pistol designed for concealed carry. With a sleek, modern design, this highly concealable pistol boasts all of the latest enhancements to make it a leader in the very competitive concealed carry market. The new pistol is a double action only type. In addition to tough, all-metal construction for ultimate durability and longevity, the RM380 also features the longest barrel in its class to maximize muzzle velocity and bullet expansion, while facilitating shooting precision and accuracy. This breakthrough pistol delivers unrivaled quality and ingenuity in a micro-size package for personal protection and portability. Weighing just 12.2 ounces unloaded and measuring just 5 1/4 inches long, the RM380 is easy for anyone to carry unobtrusively, and with an extended beavertail grip, it facilitates a smooth draw even in sub-optimal conditions. The RM380 also features a light and smooth double-action-only trigger, fully functional low profile slide stop, light slide racking force, and an ambidextrous magazine release. The replaceable grip panels allow for customization while the optimized grip angle allows for greater shootability and comfort. The Remington Model RM380 is chambered in .380 Auto with a suggested retail price of $417 USD. The pistols come with two 6-round magazines; one with an extended floorplate and one with a flush floorplate. You can find out more at

Luth-AR Introduces Their New MBA-1 Modular Buttstock Assembly

Luth-AR MBA-1 Modular Buttstock Assembly

Luth-AR has just introduced their new MBA-1 Modular Buttstock Assembly. The new buttstock is fully adjustable for cheek rest height and length of pull. It adds up to one inch of cheek rest height and 1 and 1/16th inch length of pull. The cheek can also be adjusted forward or rearward. The MBA-1 is approximately half the weight of competitor’s adjustable stocks weighing in at just 1.26 pounds. The new stock is easy to replace and quick to install. It fits all .223 and most .308 AR style stocks. Made from super strong glass filled nylon the stock is almost indestructible. All adjustments are made by loosening metal thumbscrews with no parts to lose or tools needed. The stock also has a non-slip rubber buttpad for positive shoulder positioning. The stock features sling swivel sockets and Grovetec heavy duty push button sling swivels are available as an option. The stock is perfect for your SASS rifle. For more information on the web go to