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New for 2016, the ever popular STI™ Guardian is now available in a 2011 platform with a double-stack magazine. The gun has a narrow lightweight aluminum frame in Cerakote finish with a stainless steel slide. The Guardian 2011 also features a unique 3.9 inch barrel and a shorter VIP grip for easier concealment in light cover, and yet still maintains an impressive 15 round capacity in 9mm. Providing substantial firepower in a personal defense, concealed carry gun, the Guardian 2011 features a 2-dot adjustable rear sight with fiber optic front for quick target acquisition in low light conditions. The Guardian 2011 sells for a suggested retail price of $1899.00. For more information, please visit


IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., proudly debuts the compact, modern designed TAVOR® X95® bullpup. IWI US introduced the X95® select-fire bullpup to law enforcement customers last year and now our civilian customers can buy a commercial version. The X95® is a modern, modular bullpup design emulating all the familiar features of the TAVOR® but on steroids. The TAVOR® X95® platform incorporates a tri-rail forearm covered by three removable vented rail covers. The TAVOR® style trigger guard is modular and can easily be converted to a more traditional trigger guard with pistol grip. The charging handle has also been relocated closer to the shooter’s center mass, and perhaps the most significant departure from the TAVOR® is the ambidextrous magazine release, located to a more traditional AR-15/M16 location on the X95®. Like the TAVOR® SAR, the X95 will be available in a 16.5” 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout and 17” 9mm Luger Parabellum. All models feature interchangeable cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels manufactured and engineered to IWI’s demanding specifications. Conversion kits in .300 Blackout, 5.56 NATO and 9mm will also be available. The TAVOR® X95® in 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout uses standard AR-15/M16/STANAG magazines and is supplied with one black Magpul Gen III PMAG. It will be available in Black, Flat Dark Earth and OD Green. The price for the TAVOR® X95 is $1,999.00 and the Conversion Kits are $899.00 in 5.56 NATO and 9mm and $499.00 in .300 Blackout. For more information, please visit


SlideFire®, long known for their fast-firing bump type AR and AK stocks, have now reintroduced their BFR (Belt Fed Rifle)-556A belt-fed AR-15 complete rifle. The Slide Fire® BFR-556A combines the simplicity and technology of the early belt-fed systems with modern manufacturing methods and materials. The modifications are minimal, allowing easy switch from the BFR to your magazine. It works with military and standard mil-spec links, creating a universal system for any AR-15. The new unit includes; a customized Colt 6920 5.56 rifle, belt fed module with 100 standard links, an all-weather tactical case with custom foam, 2-30 round polymer magazines, Magpul® BUS flip up rear sights and their own SSAR-15® MOD rapid fire stock. With this set-up you can achieve near full-auto rates of fire without any of the hassles of registering it as an NFA weapon. The self-contained design allows for easy removal of the belt fed mechanism for quick transition from belt to magazine. The Slide Fire® BFR is a true belt-fed system that allows your firearm to unload a virtually unlimited ammunition supply. For more information visit them at


Browning Ammunition debuts its personal defense and training product lines in 2016. The BXP™ Personal Defense round features X-Point Technology and is designed for reliable expansion and penetration for superior personal defense performance. The unique X-Point™ is designed to shield the hollow point through intermediate barriers. The BPT™ Performance Target rounds are full metal jacketed premium training products that can be used to hone your handgun skills. All BPT pistol products are matched training counterparts to BXP Personal Defense loads. Confidence at the range with BPT Performance Target means confidence in real personal defense situations. This new BXP and BPT ammunition will be introduced in four calibers; 380 Auto 95-grain, 9mm Luger 147-grain, .40 S&W 180-grain and .45 Auto 230-grain.

The X-Point guards the hollow point for consistent expansion and penetration and rapidly transfers its energy to the target. It features a formed metallic hollow point for consistency and reliability. All of the new ammunition will have brass, black nickel plated shell casings. For more information go to


Fix It Sticks were originally introduced for cyclists who wanted quality tools that could be carried with them on the bikes. The company has now introduced their products into the world of firearms and these are tools that you just cannot be without. If you have ever tightened a scope ring screw just a little too tight and heard that sickening “snap” of the screw breaking you will definitely want a set of these high grade tools. The tools are available individually or as a complete set. The complete set includes sixteen replaceable bits in various sizes of Torx, Hex, Square and Screwdrivers bits, 2 double ended bit drivers that can be locked together to form a “T” handle, a ½ inch socket for tightening scope mounting nuts and 4 torque limiters. Torque limiters are basically very small torque wrenches. They are each specifically made for a set number of inch pounds for the shooters specific need. You can get them in 15, 25, 45 and 65 inch pound settings. They are also bringing out limiters in 70 and 80 inch pounds setting for installing and removing barrels such as in the Bren 805, SCAR and Desert guns in the future. All this comes in a zippered pouch with Velcro on one side and Molle clips on the other so that you can attach it to your gear and always have it with you. The bits are held in the driver handles by Neodymium magnets. The bits are all replaceable and come in sizes to fit and screw whether it is metric or SAE. For more information on these “must have” tools contact them at


G2 Research announces a specialized new 7.62×39 mm AK/SKS round for hunting and self-defense use. The G2 Research 7.62×39 Ripout Round is engineered to deliver serious penetration and produce a huge temporary and permanent wound even at the lower velocities inherent of this round (about 2,270 fps). G2’s 124-grain, CNC machined pure premium copper bullet expands (or, more accurately, opens up) into three large petals (tridents) of razor-edged copper making a corkscrew-cutting chunk of hot, sharp metal about the diameter of a quarter; big by any account. The design construction keeps the bullet intact, creating excellent penetration and a massive wound channel, resulting in quick and humane big game kills in this loading. It’s very efficient as a bush country hunting round and it is also suppressor-friendly. Whether it’s the humble SKS, the popular AK-47 or new model short-throw bolt-action rifles chambered in this popular caliber, if it’s low-recoil, accuracy and near-instant game killing performance one wants, the 7.62×39 Ripout Round is at the performance peak. More information can be found at


Browning will expand its growing line of flashlights to include the new Hellcat in 2016. The Hellcat is the ultimate hunting or tactical flashlight featuring a super bright white, long distance beam. Brightness is 610 lumens with two CR123A Lithium batteries or 825 lumens with the optional 18650 Li-ion battery (not included). A trio of soft green LEDs offers stealth lighting.

The Hellcat features an aluminum body with a polycarbonate lens and internal battery magazine. The mode selector lets you pick the lighting desired mode without toggling. A single-action tailcap switch with momentary and continuous mode functions turns the light on and off. The light is waterproof and submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes. Overall length is 5 ¾”. It is now available only in black. The suggested retail price is $109.99. For more information please visit


Allen Company, a leading supplier of gun cases to the shooting and hunting industry, has designed a product innovation that ensures they maintain that leadership for many years to come–Gear Fit. Gear Fit is a package of features designed for all “gear” that both shooters and hunters bring to the range or field with them. By using specific design-use insights, this series of gun cases provide unique storage solutions and compartments for accessory gear. Gear Fit gun cases provide specific storage for shooting targets, target stands, eye and ear protection, ammunition storage, gun cleaning kits or accessories, layering garments, game calls and scents as well as other shooting-related accessories. Gun cases have traditionally been viewed as a temporary protector for the firearm and optics located inside. You simply used them as a short-term carrier for transporting guns to the range or field. Now, with Gear Fit, you can protect your firearms and have a place to house all your range or field accessories during transportation. It’s like having both a gun case and range bag rolled up into one product. Gear Fit gun cases come in lengths to fit firearms ranging in overall sizes of 48”, 50” and up to 52”. They come in both rifle and shotgun models. Magnum models are specifically designed with a wide nose to fit larger rifles with attached bipods. Visit them at


Allegiance Inc, has now introduced their new 223 subsonic ammunition that is the world’s only lead free frangible full functioning subsonic round that functions in the AR-15/M-16, M-4 and the H&K 416 series of firearms. The new round fires at a very quiet 975 feet per second and does not require any modifications to the weapon that it’s used in. The ammunition uses lead free frangible 110 grain bullets and it will work in semi as well as full auto modes. Allegiance uses powder metal technology to achieve what others said couldn’t be done. Excellent for hunters or operators needing maximum performance in a stealth required situation. You can take the shot without giving up your position with full function of your select-fire weapon. Tungsten powder metal gives you the ability to penetrate at lower velocity to reach the vitals. To find out more or to place an order go to