Machine Gun Memorabilia - Volume 2, Number 4

Machine Gun Memorabilia – Volume 2, Number 4

French made overseas cap made for U.S. forces in a style called a ‘Belgium Hat.’ It is unlined and a simple rectangle construction. Sewn to the front is a hand made white metal cutout of a French Chauchat M1915 light machine gun. Below the Chauchat is a hat pin ‘372’ over ‘MG.’ The machine gun company of the 372nd Infantry of the 93rd Division was a provincial division made up in France of U.S. black troops that fought alongside black French colonial troops. These segregated troops fought valiantly and had a choice of sleeve patches; the U.S. blue French helmet patch or the French ‘Bloody Hand’ patch of the black colonial troops they fought with.
1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade officer’s cap badge. This two-piece badge is made of a Browning copper maple leaf with a silver overlay of the 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade cap badge with red felt between the spokes of the wheel. The center image is of a Model 1895 Colt Automatic Gun as was used on their armored vehicles. The brigade was organized on September 15, 1914 and disbanded on November 15, 1920.
Portion of theater made souvenir ID bracelet made from an Iraqi coined named to Machine Gun Corps member ‘Sgt. E. Clements, No. 7964 M.G.C.’ The disk also says ‘Baghdad 1917-18.’