Kestrel Drop


If you’ve ever used an anemometer, or a wind meter, chances are it was a Kestrel. The anemometer is invaluable to anyone seeking to achieve long range precision with a high-powered rifle. These devices range from the simple that only tell wind speed, up to the complex, that come equipped with exterior ballistics software and all the metering capability to effectively calculate a firing solution. Though they are of great use to a shooter, some of these devices lack in capability.

The new Kestrel DROP offers a suite of information that will prove valuable to the long range shooter. The DROP will detect and present temperature, humidity, dew point temp, heat index, altitude, and barometric trend – and all this information is transmitted wirelessly to your smart phone so you’re not tasked with implementing yet another device; the DROP is turned on and forgotten. It does its work without continued input from the user. Then consider that you’ve probably got a ballistic computing app installed on your phone. All atmospheric and geographic conditions pertinent to plotting a ballistic flight path are accessible on the same device.

Kestrel does indeed incorporate the full package of ballistic and the atmospheric and environmental capability featured in the DROP, into a few other handheld devices (costing from $400 to $600). If your endeavor is only about precise long range shooting, these might be more suited to your needs. If you may find yourself stalking mountain goats or elk in the high country, or even just camping or backpacking, or if you’ve already got a simple wind meter, the DROP gives you the information you’ve been missing. This device should be considered necessary kit for anyone spending time outdoors. The advantages for a military marksman are obvious on integrating this into the kit.

The DROP is waterproof, shockproof, runs for years on a battery, weighs just an ounce and the device carries a 5 year warranty. The DROP can be had for less than $200.

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