IDEF 2011

IDEF 2011

MKE has a strong base on delivering mortars to their customers as well as to the Turkish military. There are two variants of the lightweight commando mortar in this photo, as well as an 81mm and 120mm.

The RGW-90 series of shoulder fired rocket launchers that are single fire and disposable. HEAT, HESH are standard, with a special bunker-buster warhead on the AS, which can be set to either punch a hole in the wall and send the secondary main charge inside a structure and destroy it, or, set it with the ‘Punch a hole’ setting and the AS will open a man sized entry hole. (

South Africa’s NEOPUP 20x42mm P.A.W. is an infantryman’s dream. With its 6-round rotary drum magazine, a range of 1,000 meters, velocity of 310 meters per second, and a variety of high explosive, fragmentation and incendiary projectiles, this shoulder-fired weapon is drawing quite a bit of interest from around the world. Small Arms Defense Journal covered this in more depth in Volume 1 Number 4. See the article online at (

Turkish manufacturer Sarsilmaz had one of the busiest booths at the show. Their 12 ga. pump action shotguns had a very strong following from military and law enforcement. Front to rear: M204 with collapsible M4 type stock; M212 with over-folding buttstock; M212 with door breeching system. (

From the Dr. A.Q. Khan company is the Baktar Shikan. This is a variant of the Chinese Red Arrow 8 guided missile system, ground to ground. Advantages of this reloadable system are in its accuracy as well as portability. The system breaks down into 4 sections weighing less than 25kg each, and can be packed into remote areas extending out to 3,000 meters in range with a 90% hit probability. 800mm (31.5 inches) penetration of Rolled Homogenous Armor is the expected effect.

For small arms, the POF product line included their versions of the HK family of weapons, with indigenous reworks including new plastic magazines and optical adjustments. The most important piece was the carbine version of the G3. The as yet unnamed 7.62x51mm carbine featured a collapsible stock and 14 inch barrel, making this weapon an intermediate range workhorse. General Dar, a 37 year infantry officer, has frequently expressed his desire to solve the problems of firepower at intermediate ranges, and this appears to be a good solution for small caliber. This concept was so new that they had not finished the forend yet, and applied an MP5 forend for demonstration.

VMZ Bulgaria had a full range of grenades for the RPG-7 and the SPG-9 recoilless rifles. Thermobaric technology, as well as reactive armor clearing double warheads, are evident on many of VMZ’s designs. (

Zigana produces a full line of intermediate and full sized pistols. The Zigana KC variants at center, noted for the series of six oblong holes in the forward section, are gaining in popularity for both sport shooting and police use. The magazine capacity is 15 rounds and the caliber is 9x19mm. (