DSEI 2011

DSEI 2011

BRS 00 9 mm FX (Simunition) training sub-machine gun.

Yugoimport SDPR displayed the Zastava Arms 40 mm RBG-P anti-Riot gun, shown with the stock in the folded position.

Shown here is the Polish WKW 12.7 mm anti-material rifle. It is fitted with the Bazalt CWKW day-night optical sight.

40 mm Low Velocity GSBO -40 grenade-launcher by Dezemet.

Polish UKM 2000 7.62 mm NATO calibre general-purpose machine gun, fitted with PCS-SM nightr vision device.

Model 96 Mini-Beryl 5.56 mm NATO compact assault rifle fitted with CK-6 collimator aiming sight and MU-3M night vision device.

Manroy Engineering 7.62 mm NATO Para Commando version of the L7A2-MAG 58 fitted with lightweight folding-stock and shortened barrel.