Corner Shot

Corner Shot


In the movies, the scary music always gets louder just before they go around the blind corner.  For operators, worrying about what is waiting around the corner can be the worst.  The Corner Shot CSM is the tool that takes that worry away, and makes the bad guys worry about what’s coming around the corner for them.

Corner Shot Holdings, LLC of Israel manufactures the Corner Shot CSM pistol chassis that can give the user a look around blind corners or obstacles on a TV screen from a safe vantage point without becoming a target themselves.  This innovative product provides real time Intel and the pistol gives an immediate strike option.  The Corner Shot CSM model is currently available with chassis for the Glock 17/18/19/22/23, SIG 226/228, H&K USP, Browning Hi Power, and Beretta M9/92F/93R.  With the pistol installed in the USA, a short-barreled rifle is created  under the NFA and that requires registration.  The manufacturer can produce the chassis to fit other handguns if contracted by an agency to do so, but currently has no new variants.

For special situations when more range or heavier firepower is necessary, Corner Shot manufactures two other specialized models: the Corner Shot 5.56 and the Corner Shot CS-40.  The CS 5.56 integrates another product from Israel, the Gilboa AR pistol called the APR.  The Corner Shot CS-40 has a modified M203 grenade launcher using a wide range of low pressure 40mm rounds making it a versatile option.  The CS-40 can also be provided to agencies in 37mm gas gun chambering if required.

Corner Shot CSM with Glock 19 on extended bipod and buttstock monopod. (Maria Delrocio Alvarez)

The Corner Shot CSM 2.5-inch color screen with red aiming crosshair is very bright and self adjusting in most lighting conditions.  Under very bright conditions the screen has a clip on sunshade to enhance viewing.  The screen also has external outputs that can be connected to a variety of transmitters for rear echelon real time observation as well as recording for future review.  Available as options are four quick change cameras for the Corner Shot chassis providing different fields of vision and magnifications to suit tactical situations.  A visible light is available when needed for dark areas along with a red laser to enhance targeting, but even better, with the flip of a switch, IR mode is available.  An IR targeting laser is provided and the screen is viewable with most standard night vision goggles.

The Corner Shot CSM has quick change cameras depending on the engagement range expected. All cameras can be zeroed independently. (Maria Delrocio Alvarez)

All this electronic gear needs a hefty power source.  Two battery packs come with the unit in its fitted carrying case.  The battery packs each hold eight standard 123 lithium batteries for an advertised minimum run time of 220 minutes.  A simple and robust squeeze latch on top of each battery pack assists insertion and removal at the rear of the Corner Shot CSM with even the heaviest of gloves.  In case the battery packs need new 123 cells, thumbwheel screws have been thoughtfully provided for access.

Corner Shot CSM battery packs are quickly changed even with gloves on. (Maria Delrocio Alvarez)

Externally, the Corner Shot CSM has many physical features that are also well thought out.  A rapidly deploying left-folding stock is provided for compact carrying and a standard Picatinny top rail is built in for a backup sighting system if required.  Quick detachable, adjustable bipod legs and buttstock monopod are also provided.  Most observers immediately scoff at the bipod legs but are quick to agree that holding the lightweight system up in an observation position for an extended period of time would wear them out in short order.  The Corner Shot CSM is constructed of fiber glass reinforced Polymide for durability but also helps keep its weight trim at 8.5 pounds without pistol.  Optionally, an extended reach handle is available for looking over walls or into tall vehicles such as buses or other vertical challenges.  One other feature shown in brochures is the Corner Shot Kitty; a toy cat that conceals the forward pistol and camera.  This item does draw a lot of ribbing and jokes but camouflage is a very important operational component, and hopefully it will get users thinking of other ways to disguise their Corner Shots.

Corner Shot CSM view-screen with removable sunshade in place. (Maria Delrocio Alvarez)

Accuracy is always a question that is brought up while operators are handling the Corner Shot CSM.  From testing done at Long Mountain Outfitters’ indoor test range, performance was quite surprising.  With no post and notch to line up, just the screen crosshair, target acquisition was rapid and easy.  The shoulder stock kept sighting steady while the trigger pull was remarked by most as no different than the pistol by itself.  In shooting around the corner, it took a very short time to become adjusted to the differences; mostly the sideways recoil.  All in all, average groups were smaller and quicker than pistol only groups at 15 yards.

The Corner Shot family has carved out a substantial niche in the law enforcement, anti-terrorist and special operations community for some time to come.  With a long background providing weapons in these areas, we can only wait to see what comes next.