Combined Systems Expands Non-Lethal Capabilities with More Options from VENOM



October 7, 2014– Combined Systems is excited to announce the expansion of its VENOM Non-Lethal Tube Launched Munitions System product line. In 2014 CSI made the push for enhanced capabilities by engineering and releasing two new launching systems:

The patent pending VENOM® MC is a high capacity multi-caliber non-lethal launching system that features multi caliber capabilities. Users can now launch 37mm, 40mm, and 66mm non-lethal munitions from one launching system with ease. By simply switching the launching cassette, the remote-operated system delivers a variety of calibers and payloads from the same launching platform.

The VENOM® V-TAC is a tactical version of the traditional VENOM® launching system. With just one bank of ten 37mm munitions, this compact launcher can easily be mounted onto vehicles that are limited in terms of mounting space: think ATV’s and pick up trucks hitches.

These tw10072014-002-pro launchers join the family of elite non-lethal munitions systems that began with the original VENOM®, a USMC fielded system featuring 30 barrels of 37mm munitions. Whether your mission is military, tactical, or peacekeeping, finding the non-lethal system that fits your mission has never been easier. To see these launchers in action, check out the video at:

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