Advanced, Diverse and Mission-Ready Ammunition from Inceptor®


Newer isn’t always better, but in the case of American-made Inceptor Ammunition, we beg to differ. For a relatively young company, Inceptor is making some big waves in a 140-year-old industry. Here’s why you should pay attention.

In an age where new ideas, products and concepts seem a dime a dozen, true innovation is difficult to come by. Luckily for commercial customers and military, law enforcement and defense professionals everywhere, Inceptor has completely revolutionized the projectile manufacturing process. What does this mean for you? Better performing, more affordable, military-grade ammunition.

Inceptor is relatively new to the ammunition scene, but they bring a whole lot to the table. The company boasts over 60 years of combined experience in injection-molding and more than 25 years of ballistics engineering know-how. They get bonus points for manufacturing their products in the USA.

Inceptor Ammunition’s metal-polymer ARX weighs approximately 70% less than lead-core projectiles with similar profiles.

Non-Lead, Fully Frangible Rifle Ammunition for Training—Specialized for Duty

Inceptor ammunition recently introduced two new additions to its rifle ammunition lineup featuring the Short-Range Rifle (SRR) bullet. The SRR combines a patented injection-molding process and bullet design with copper-polymer materials. These new loads expand this one-of-a kind ammunition to the proven 223 platform and the non-standard 7.62x39mm caliber.

Inceptor SRR projectiles are lead-free and loaded to tight specifications in high-quality brass cases. They perform very well in the semi-automatic platform and open up options not available with traditional ammunition. For duty purposes, they offer non-sparking, low-ricochet and limited penetration rounds with unparalleled stopping power.

For training and the range, these new offerings give AK and AR customers a lead-free, range-compliant load. The unmatched frangibility of the SRR bullets allows users to shoot hardened steel at distances much closer than with standard ball and/or hollow point rounds. And users can train with rifles on pistol ranges.

“We’re excited to now offer three cartridges—300 AAC Blackout, 223 Remington and 7.62x39mm—in the SRR Sport Utility Ammo line,” said Inceptor Ammunition CEO Ron Embree. “We’re continuing to listen to customers, deliver high-performance ammunition and revolutionize the projectile manufacturing process. Real-world feedback allowed us to confirm SRR is being used on duty—and not just to train. The unique features of our projectile give users something on the battlefield or in security and tactical situations that no other manufacturer can replicate.”

“The training and range applications also make us very popular. Indoor facilities are now able to allow multiple calibers of semi-auto rifles to be fired in their lanes. Also, competitions, drills and shooting exercises can be set up in ways that allow for true CQB training or other short-range situations. And adding the 7.62×39 gives us a viable non-standard solution.”

Inceptor Ammunition is lead-free, fully frangible and specialized for duty.

The ARX® Advantage—Non-Expanding, High-Penetration and Low Ricochet

The Inceptor ARX is a revolutionary bullet in every sense of the word—from the way it’s manufactured, to its shape, to the way it transfers energy to the target—to the way it limits possible collateral damage. The non-expanding ARX is injection-molded from Inceptor’s patented metal-polymer matrix that is designed to be tough enough to penetrate soft targets and tissue—but break up on hardened steel.

The ARX penetrates straight until it encounters soft tissue. Upon entering soft tissue, the specially designed grooves in the nose harness the soft tissue and constrict, pressurize and eject it at 1.5 to 2 times the directional speed of the bullet. This is the well-known Venturi Effect. As the bullet penetrates, it tumbles in a controlled, predictable fashion that delivers consistent terminal performance that equals or exceeds conventional hollow-point designs. When it encounters tougher barriers, it breaks apart to reduce the risk of collateral damage due to over penetration. It also greatly reduces the safety/danger zone.

Furthermore, it provides greater training flexibility, decreases damage to range/targets infrastructure and reduces range set-up/maintenance costs. It is also allows for easier training indoors.

The ARX projectile is a vital component of the Inceptor Preferred Defense™ product line. These cartridges are designed to function in all weapons, including large-frame handguns, carbines, fully automatic and suppressed weapons. Due to the uniqueness of the ARX bullet, it has a low-recoil signature for increased follow-up accuracy in critical defense situations. Inceptor Preferred Defense ammo is currently available in the following calibers: 380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 9mm Luger +P, 40 S&W, 10mm Auto, 45 Auto, 38 Special and 357 Magnum.

Inceptor ARX Preferred Defense is available in several calibers, including 380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 45 Auto and more.

ARX Benefits

It’s lead-free. Inceptor uses copper as the primary metal in ARX projectiles because it’s easier to work with in injection molding than lead. As an incidental benefit, the bullet is non-toxic, fully range-compliant and eliminates environmental concerns for outdoor ranges. What’s more, lead-free equals less wear on firearms over time. Lead-free projectiles that fire clean result in reduced barrel wear, less damage to bullet traps or backstops and extended life of firearms. This is great news all around.

It weighs less. The metal-polymer ARX weighs approximately 70% less than lead-core projectiles with similar profiles. That means higher velocities, resulting in less bullet drop, recoil and muzzle rise, and allows for quicker, more accurate follow-up shots and a better shooting experience overall. The ARX weight also means it will penetrate through fewer walls and barriers than conventional lead-core projectiles—a huge benefit for close-quarter combat and defense situations.

It outperforms hollow-points. Inceptor ARX projectiles transfer force more effectively than traditional expanding hollow-point rounds. Since the ARX doesn’t rely on expansion to transfer energy, it won’t fail to expand like some hollow-points, nor will it get hung up on feed ramps. Furthermore, the ARX has less felt-recoil and muzzle flip, allowing for quicker follow-up and higher accuracy over multiple shots.

The RNP™ Breakdown

The Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo™ product line features lead-free, copper-polymer projectiles loaded to tight specifications in high-quality brass cases. This revolutionary ammunition is available with a Round Nose Precision (RNP) profile in handgun cartridges. They perform very well in the semi-automatic platform and open up options not available with traditional ammunition. For duty purposes, they offer non-sparking, low-ricochet and limited penetration rounds with unparalleled stopping power.

RNP bullets are injection molded, like their ARX counterparts, and are loaded to SAAMI specifications. Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo is currently available in the following calibers: 380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 9mm Luger +P, 40 S&W, 45 Auto and 38 Special.

Inceptor Ammunition is extremely accurate, every feature of SRR and RNP projectiles is designed and tested for pinpoint accuracy.

RNP Benefits

It’s ballistically matched. Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo is ballistically matched to achieve similar recoil and point of aim as the Preferred Defense cartridges. This means shooters will have the exact shooting experience while training with Sport Utility Ammo as they will when using Preferred Defense rounds (ARX projectiles).

It’s fully frangible. RNP projectiles feature SteelSafe™ construction for unparalleled frangibility and the safest, most realistic close-quarter training scenarios. There is no pre-fragmenting or breaking in the barrel which could result in stray projectiles traveling in unintended directions. On hardened targets like steel plates, Inceptor projectiles simply turn back into very small particles that equal 5% or less of the total original weight of the projectile—resulting in a drastically reduced chance of ricochet.

On soft targets, like 10% ballistic ordnance gelatin or soft tissue, the RNP projectiles stay together, penetrate reliably and retain their weight. Unlike other frangible ammunition that requires standoff distances measured in yards or meters, Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo can be fired against hardened steel targets at distances measured in feet—ideal for drills and CQB training.

It’s extremely accurate. Engineered to perform, every feature of SRR and RNP projectiles is designed and tested for pinpoint accuracy. High velocity means flatter trajectories with less recoil. Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo provides up to a 35% reduction in recoil, allowing for quicker, more accurate follow-up shots.

How It’s Made

For over a century, most projectiles have been mass-produced with a process called cold forming. During this process, lead and copper are shaped with brute force in punches and dies to create projectiles. While this is still an effective way to produce projectiles, other, more efficient manufacturing methods have emerged. And that’s where Inceptor comes in.

Harnessing the power of good old-fashioned scientific research and fundamental physics, Inceptor has developed a propriety injection-molded manufacturing process that results in precise, consistent, accurate, low-ricochet, range-compliant projectiles with advanced terminal performance—everything quality ammunition should be.

Inceptor cartridges set the standard for use in legacy and increasingly advanced weapons systems. Developed using industry accepted performance standards, this polymer-based ammunition line is lighter, more accurate, generates lower recoil and shoots flatter than conventional ammunition with comparable loads. Incorporating innovative design, readily available and widely used materials and produced using a patented, efficient manufacturing process—with no waste water or heavy metal waste streams—Inceptor offers a game-changing alternative to traditional ammunition.

21st Century Ammunition Ready for Military, Law Enforcement and More

Decades of combined experience paired with a thirst for innovation most certainly categorize this manufacturer as “one to watch.” Inceptor is anything but traditional—and they have truly revolutionized the ammunition manufacturing process.

This is just a glimpse of the capabilities of Inceptor ammunition, and everything in the lineup is tried and proven. Inceptor also offers component bullets for handloaders. All the high-tech features you’ve read about can now be used to the advantage of reloaders for special missions. Whatever your needs, whether it be for training, defense, law enforcement or military applications, Inceptor delivers.