From soldiering to civilian life I have had the opportunity to use some of the world’s greatest CQ optics. SADJ was given the chance to try out the TAROS 4×32 close quarters optic, and I had that opportunity. After extensive shooting and accuracy testing, firing rounds that are used on a regular basis in combat and in home defense in both 9mm and 5.56 AR rifles, it was time to report on this optic. These two rounds using this same optic proved to be significantly more accurate and flat shooting than any other round I have used or that is used today for close quarters operations.

The TAROS concept (It’s a TAR Ideal Concepts project from Israel) was to create a lower priced optic that fit into the budgets of countries that couldn’t justify higher cost optics on all of their soldiers’ rifles. While the higher cost optics certainly earn their reputations, they don’t fit all budgets.

The weight of the TAROS is low enough, and the quality of workmanship is quite well done. At 5.35 inches in length, and only 16.2 ounces, it has a fit and finish comparable to optics selling for considerably more. The QD rails were a great selling point. In my experience from U.S. Army service, every shooter should use quick disconnect rails. The optic was clear and crisp with no blurs around the edge of vision or crosshairs. TAROS has 4x magnification, a 4.5-foot field-of-view at 100 meters, and is parallax adjusted at 100 meters. The illuminated reticle has both green and red settings and is incremented for adjusting the brightness of both.

The mount is very solid, in fact there was no movement or play at all. The only downfall to this optic is that when mounted it sits low against the receiver cover, preventing the iron sights from being used. A solution is adding a pair of side cant sights, if you need both.

After mounting and a few minor adjustments the rifle was on target. Starting at 25 meters, impact was high left and center. About 12 clicks down and 12 right and the group was center mass. I then went back 100 meters and had to adjust again. 12 down 12 right again and at 100 meters I was center mass with both 9mm and 5.56 AR rifles. Once zeroed, and 500 rounds later it held and stayed true and accurate.
In conclusion, for the money the TAROS 4×32 CQ optic is a great product- and again for the price you would be hard pressed to do better. www.tarideal.com

15 RDS of 5.56 mm at 100 yards
50 RDS 9mm at 100 yards