SureFire's 60/100rd Aluminum Magazines

SureFire’s 60/100rd Aluminum Magazines


SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the release of its hi-capacity 60- and 100-round (STANAG 4179) aluminum magazines for .223/5.56mm NATO M4/M16/AR15-style firearms. These new high capacity magazines (HCMs) designated the MAG5-60 and MAG5-100-are designed to provide military units with an overwhelming tactical advantage in the delivery of firepower. SureFire HCMs easily and securely fit into the host weapon, with the bolt closed, when loaded with the maximum round count. A 4×2 quad-stack configuration features a revolutionary internal spring and follower system designed to be more reliable than current standard 30-round magazines. This proprietary internal design also allows SureFire HCMs to be stored indefinitely while fully loaded, in preparation for deployment, which means individual units can be issued ammo supply crates with pre-loaded magazines instead of empty mags and ammo cans. The MAG5-60 will fit into most nylon pouches with Velcro cover flaps intended to hold two standard 30-round magazines, but double magazine pouches with stitched partitions may require some alteration. Both magazines can be disassembled for periodic cleaning or as required. The magazine floor plate can be removed from the body using a punch, the tip of a cartridge, or a variety of common tools.