STS M240 Grip Adapter

STS M240 Grip Adapter


The STS grip adapter for the M240 machine gun is a Mil-Std 1913 rail adapter that connects to the receiver’s forward mount lug with a single self-locking cross pin.  The adapter is also suitable to attach bipod assemblies and other accessories which utilize a standard Picatinny rail grabber.

The adapter’s primary function is to provide a secure attachment point for vertical foregrip assemblies.  This enhanced capability offers increased versatility, better ergonomics and improved handling of the M240 during dismounted operations.

Furthermore, the STS grip adapter is a heat isolated forward handling point which allows for safe two-handed carry of a hot weapon system and provides the gunner with immediate flexibility while maintaining positive control of the muzzle during vehicle egress, fire and maneuver actions, weapon manipulation in confined spaces or insert and extract operations.  For more information contact STS Security, LLC at