New Products: Volume 6, Number 3

New Products: Volume 6, Number 3


Bullseye Camera System Announce Remote Targeting Viewing
The Bullseye Camera System is a unique patent-pending system that allows a shooter to view his downrange target right from the shooting location on his smartphone, tablet of laptop. The system features a special camera that sets up, down by the target and wirelessly transmits video back to the shooters position, via a wireless device, from locations up to 1 mile away. The shooter can instantly see each shot flashing on the screen no matter how many times the target has been shot. The system is completely wireless and does not require internet service or a cellular signal. The system works with rifle, pistol, archery, small bore, large bore and even patterning shotguns. Another great feature is that no special targets are required. You can use paper, cardboard, 3-D foam and even steel. The system includes a special weather-proof camera with night vision, a tripod, router, antenna, signal booster, 5-hour rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with charger and all required connector wire complete in a fitted secure carrying case. The unit also comes with a thumbdrive with Bullseye Target Manager software. The software is available for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. The user also gets free software updates so as new features are made available you can simply download them. The camera also features a Laser Target Identifier to align the camera on the target when setting up the unit. The camera system comes in two models; the Standard Edition, which is good up to 500 yards and the Long Range Edition which has a range of 1 mile. Each model can also be ordered in an Elite Edition that adds a laptop. The two base models retail for just $449 and $549 complete. The company also offers an optional antenna that couples with the Long Range Edition to extend its range to well over 1 mile. For more information or to see demonstration videos you can go to

FLIR ThermoSight R-Series
Infrared technology leader FLIR announces the release of the ThermoSight R-Series, the world’s first line of thermal night vision scopes for non-game hunting starting under $3,500. The R-Series is also the first recreational scope within FLIR’s popular ThermoSight line of weapon sights, which includes models for law enforcement & the military. Compact and easy-to-use, the R-Series displays the body heat of humans as well as varmints and predators, regardless of the amount of visible light present. The scope has automatic image optimization and an advanced shock reduction system that is qualified for an MSR semiautomatic platform, up to .30 caliber. The R-Series also provides three inches of eye relief and multiple reticle options, with a repeatable & dependable zero. The R-Series is available in six different models, with a range of wide and narrow field of view lenses, and up to a 16x magnification. Each model includes a variety of video palettes, including FLIR’s exclusive “InstAlert” setting, which uses red colorization to display the hottest areas on screen. The R-Series attaches to any Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail, and its durable protective casing provides water resistance in up to three feet of water. Because of ITAR controls, the ThermoSight R-Series is only available for sale in the United States. For more detailed information, including specs, visit

Mission First Tactical Torch Line
Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT) is proud to introduce Torch; the new MFT series of lights and IR for home defense, law enforcement, security and as a primary light source backup. The Torch line includes three models: all are USA made by Princeton Tec. The Torch Backup Light White (TBLW) is a low profile, Picatinny mounted light with dual white LEDs. It has a recessed pressure pad for easy activation and a power button for simple ON/OFF functions. The illumination is low output for signature reduction during patrol, stealth structure search and approach to the target and breaching operations. The Torch Backup Light White has a 10-year storage lifespan, a 12-hour burn time with a 20-lumen bright white output. It weighs just 22 grams and has an IPX7 water resistant rating. MSRP is $59.99. The Torch Backup Light White/Red (TBLWR) illumination tool has many of the same features of the TBLW, except the dual LEDs are white and red; it has a 24-hour burn time and a 10-lumen output. Also, the power button features a one-click for low, a second click for high & a hold for 2-seconds brings on the primary light functionality. MSRP is $59.99. The third light in the Torch series is the Backup Light with Red/IR LEDs (TBLIR). It features all the same specifications of the TBLWR and includes the IR LED. MSRP is $59.99. For more information on the new Mission First Tactical Torch series of illumination tools, visit Mission First Tactical online at

Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR
Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. is proud to introduce the H.C.A.R. (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle), a rifle built on a similar cast receiver to the original Ohio Ordnance semiautomatic BAR but with significant improvements. The H.C.A.R. is 7 pounds lighter for faster, easier handling and more comfortable carrying and shooting. It fires the original .30-06 round and uses the same patented action as the original OOW semi-auto BAR (the 1918A3) and fires from the closed bolt. It also features a Picatinny rail to facilitate both a mounted optic and a back-up sight. The barrel has been dimpled using a patented design to reduce weight while maintaining rigidity and strength and to speed barrel cooling. The barrel is also threaded with the industry standard 5/8-24 thread that allows users to choose the flash suppressor, muzzle brake or sound suppressor their choice.

The H.C.A.R. comes with a newly designed handguard with four integrated Picatinny rails. These rails allow another optic device set-up (thermal with the main optic, etc.), as well as the attachment of the shooter’s choice of bipods, sling swivels, lights, etc. The trigger housing has been redesigned with an easier-to-engage safety with a shorter throw (45 degrees). There are new, quick-release push-pull pins that allow for a much simpler disassembly. It also has a new 6-pound trigger that is short and crisp, so the pull feels like a match trigger and the reset is just as short. The shooter can squeeze off controlled, accurate shots one after another. The ergonomic pistol grip allows for a more natural wrist alignment for shooting comfort and the easy-to-reach, intuitive magazine release paddle is quickly engaged so the time between mag changes is fast.

The H.C.A.R. has a bolt hold-open mechanism that locks the bolt to the rear when the mag is empty or whenever the bolt is manually pulled back without a magazine in the rifle. This allows single feeding, simple “one look” check for clear chamber, and easy field cleaning. The buffer system has been upgraded to a hydraulic buffer from the original cone buffering system, which slices the felt recoil of the rifle by at least half. The result is that the sight picture is easily maintained during firing with little to no effort. The internal threads of the buffer housing allow attachment of either Mil-Spec or aftermarket AR-15/M4 buttstock/buffer tubes, letting the shooter easily choose his or her own AR-15/M4 buttstock. For more information visit

Laser Devices DBAL-PL
The DBAL-PL is Laser Devices’ newest civilian legal product – available for everyone to purchase. This rugged, compact device makes your pistol an equal to the carbine in aiming and lighting capabilities and allows the pistol to be a usable tool in conjunction with night vision devices. The DBAL-PL features two operational modes – Visible mode: 400 lumen white light and choice of 5mW red or green laser; IR mode: Class 1 IR Laser with 600mW Eye-Safe LED Illuminator. Additional features include co-aligned visible and IR aiming lasers with fully adjustable windage and elevation. The DBAL-PL mounts to standard pistol rails or M1913 rail systems using a fully adjustable mounting interface for zero retention on any rail and a quick release battery compartment allows for battery changes on the fly while mounted. The DBAL-PL is powered by two (2) CR123A lithium batteries, activated by discrete push button switches located on the rear of the housing and machined from anodized aircraft aluminum then Type III hardcoat anodized for durability. See more at

Glock introduces the Glock 42
Glock, Inc. has announced the launch of its newest pistol – the Glock 42. The G42 is the smallest Glock pistol ever introduced, making it ideal for pocket carry and other deep concealment carry methods. Years of requests across all market groups for a super-concealable .380 Glock pistol prompted extensive development to bring the Glock customer the G42. The slim design of the G42 fits the hands of any shooter; specifically it gives women or those with smaller hands a comfortable option like they’ve never seen before. Glock’s smallest pistol uses the same Safe Action System found in all Glock pistols, is backed by more than 25 years of engineering excellence and comes with the Glock Limited Lifetime Warranty. The new Glock 42 is chambered in .380 ACP and hold 6 plus 1 rounds. The tiny gun is just 5.75 inches long and is less than 1 inch thick. The gun’s 3.25 inch barrel produces a velocity of 886 fps depending on ammunition. The gun is lightweight at just under 14 ounces with an empty magazine. More information can be found at

TAC Shield Heavy Duty Bipods
TAC Shield is introducing their new line of precision engineered heavy duty bipods for active shooters. Strong high grade aluminum components are matched with a tough and durable matte finish ensuring a lifetime of shooting performance and protection. TAC Shield bipods offer fully adjustable and extendable legs. The precision leg lock offers secure variable length adjustment for each leg, accommodating terrain or surface variations. Each leg offers an additional fast extension that locks solidly in place supported with ribbed grip caps providing a secure and steady rest for the largest calibers. Legs retract quickly and positively with their spring return release buttons. Standard and pivoting models in various adjustable leg lengths offer a great selection for shooters to choose the right match for their rifle and accurate shooting needs. All bipods quickly and securely attach to swivel studs or rail adapters. All offer a time-proven spring leg deployment system providing strong and steady shooting, while folding for secure and out of the way storage. All products are backed with a Lifetime Warranty by people you can trust. Military Products, Inc. is proud to offer the TAC Shield brand of precision and quality products. Many of their products and designs are battle proven by our warfighters around the world. Please visit for more information about this and their other combat proven gear.

SIG Sauer SIG556xi
SIG Sauer has just introduced their new SIG556xi, rewriting the standard for modularity, reliability, and performance for the modern rifle platform. Based on the legendary SG550, the SIG556xi will change the way military, law enforcement, and responsible citizens look at adaptable rifles. Utilizing the time-tested rotating bolt and adjustable gas piston operating system, the SIG556xi allows operators a choice of caliber, barrel length, handguard/stock configurations and lower receivers. A removable barrel allows the operator to select the necessary length for a given mission. Adding the appropriate bolt, the SIG556xi can be changed to any of three calibers, 5.56x45mm NATO, 300 Blackout, and 7.62x39mm NATO. Users can also quickly change out the non-serialized lower receiver, allowing the use of either AR-style STANAG magazines or rock-and-lock AK-style magazines. The SIG556xi upper receiver is the serialized part, making the lower an easy to purchase part. Polymer handguards accept all Magpul light and rail kits, while the aluminum and carbon fiber handguards accept 2-, 4-, and 6-inch M1913 rails. Barrels are available in 10-, 14.5-, and 16-inches. Truly ambidextrous, the SIG556xi features an ambidextrous safety selector, magazine release and user swappable charging handle (right- or left-handed). Optional receiver end plates allow for the use of either AR receiver extension tubes and buttstocks or M1913 compatible stocks. Thanks to a redesigned trigger package, the military and law enforcement versions of the SIG556xi are capable of full-auto fire in every caliber, including 7.62x39mm. The Russian lower has been thoroughly function tested with many available AK magazines, including US P.A.L.M.

Trijicon VCOG 1-6X24MM
The new Trijicon VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) 1-6x24mm meets the rigorous demands of duty or competition while giving shooters the flexibility to engage CQB targets & out to the maximum effective range of most service rifles. Designed and built in the USA, the Trijicon VCOG is machined from a 7075-T6 aluminum forging and given a Mil Spec, hard-coat anodized finish. There is a full 90 MOA of windage and elevation adjustment available in 1/2-inch click increments at 100 m to get almost any weapon system on target. Lenses are all fully multicoated with a broadband anti-reflective coating that maximizes light transmission while meeting and beating the military’s requirements for abrasion resistance. The scope maintains a constant four inches of eye relief throughout its magnification range and an oversized and knurled adjustment knob makes finding the perfect power setting easy and fast, even with gloved hands. The VCOG is waterproof to 66 feet and its illumination electronics are Mil-Spec tough. Initially, the VCOG will be offered with seven different reticle choices, all of which are located in the first focal plane allowing the ballistic reticle to be used at any magnification. The segmented circle reticle with a centered crosshair can be matched with 175-grain 7.62, 55- and 77-grain 5.56, or 115-grain supersonic 300 BLK loads. The popular horseshoe/dot reticle is available in each of the 5.56 and 7.62 offerings. The red illuminated reticle is powered by a common AA battery, accessible underneath the objective or, with a lithium battery, it can deliver 700 continuous hours of run time at setting 4 of 6. A rheostat is located on the main tube, opposite the windage turret, and has an off position between each of its six brightness settings. An integral mount securely pairs the optic with any M1913 Picatinny rail and its height is perfect for flattop M16, M4, AR-15 and SR-25/AR-10-style rifles. At just 10”, the VCOG leaves plenty of rail space ahead of the objective for night vision or thermal intensifiers.

TAR Ideal Concepts TL5PRO
The TL5PRO was developed by TAR Ideal Concepts in collaboration with the Special Forces and an array of military experts, designed to fulfil specific requirements and challenges met on the battlefield in the promise of enhancing combat effectiveness and reducing fratricide.

Due to increased IR signatures in combat, effective IFF is limited. I.e., Reflective tape, which lacks a distinct signal gets lost in the background and soldiers are susceptible to friendly fire. In addition, today’s enemy has access to night vision and uses it to identify IR signatures as a common tactic for attacking soldiers. Further challenges include the weight, cost and size of effective IFF technology.

The TL5PRO signals the soldier by Infra-Red or Visual Illumination for IFF. Unlike other markers, the TL5PRO does not require the use of night vision as a means to maintain invisibility from the enemy. The marker is equipped with two main modes; IR and Visible (the Visible mode includes 3 illuminating color options), both of which have adjustable intensity levels. The Low Intensity Level allows the operator to be completely undetectable from a distance of above 50 meters; it is also untraceable and may be used when communications are unavailable or when operating under radio silence, maximizing the covertness of soldiers on the ground.

The TL5PRO is lightweight (only 90 gr), rugged, flexible, splash resistant and durable. Charged by one AA or CR123 battery, the Marker can last up to 72 hours in various modes.

Designed to detect and identify friendly forces in enemy territory. The TL5PRO is combat proven and can be used for multiple applications to include Landing Strip; K9 Tracking; Ground Forces and Special Operations; Police and SAR.