Machine Gun Memorabilia - Volume 5, Number 2

Machine Gun Memorabilia – Volume 5, Number 2

Japanese interwar or early World War II machine gunner commemorative discharge sake pourer featuring the Army star, Japanese battle flag and a Type 11 light machine gun.
Swiss ‘trench art’ frame probably made in the 1920s. Made of Swiss 7.5mm cartridges with rim dates ranging from 1917-1922. The national Swiss cross emblem is affixed to top. At the bottom is a rare Swiss machine gun regiment shako badge affixed to the front with crossed Maxim machine guns. Cabinet photo is of a Swiss officer.
Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Sinha Regiment machine gun company. Lion with knife atop powder horn above crossed Vickers machine guns. Officer blackened bronze matching cap and collar badge. The cap badge has three prongs to the rear and the collar badge has four lugs to the rear.
Irish Free State (post 1922) Vickers machine gun marksmanship badge. Worn on the arm with two lugs to rear.