Qioptiq FTS2 Thermal Sight – No Place to Hide


Weapon Sight Technology Enhances Small Arms Effectiveness

To detect, recognize, identify, decide, acquire, engage and defeat in any environment. This requirement is incumbent on the modern warfighter and one that technology is able to greatly assist with. To deliver high performance ruggedized military equipment for use in the most demanding environments whilst reducing the physical as well as the cognitive burden on the end user would have been a tall order only a few years ago. Qioptiq, an Excelitas technologies company, has been leading the march in the development and supply of just such equipment.

Recognizing that new product development is vital to maintaining capability and ensuring mission success in combating an adaptive, evolving enemy, the DRAGON family of Thermal Sighting Systems provides a number of variants tailored for a wide range of different weapons and applications.

The FTS2 has been designed to deliver the latest technology in a high performance, low power, and simple to use thermal sighting solution. This is a multipurpose thermal weapon/surveillance sight that provides all round capability for the dismounted and mounted close combat User. Utilizing the latest in uncooled thermal camera, electronics and optical technologies to deliver world leading performance and reliability.

The FTS2 is based on the Dragon SR and is now the sight of choice for the British Army’s Future Integrated Soldier Technology (or FIST) program replacing the FTS mk1 sight with a lighter, less power hungry solution. With a man detection range of 2300m at x 3 and 2390 at x 6 (electronic zoom) it can achieve an impressive 8 hours continuous operation on just 4 x 1.5 AA batteries. It can easily be adapted for use on a variety of short to medium range weapons using Picatinny or NATO rail etc. It can also be used in a hand held role if required.

Steve Rickard, Qioptiq Business & Product Development Manager says, “It’s widely recognised that modern small arms weapon systems are incredibly accurate and reliable, and that the challenge is being able to DRI the target 24 hours a day, through all weathers and battlefield conditions, with Users under physical and cognitive pressure. Sighting Systems need to be easy to use, effective through all weathers and provide the ability to detect targets at the maximum range possible in order to prepare the User for the next course of action. The challenge for Qioptiq is to provide all of this capability to the User in a package (or suite) that is easy to use and easily configurable for role / mission requirements, whilst remaining affordable and having the potential to endure a service life of 10-15 years.”