Machine Gun Memorabilia - Volume 2, Number 3

Machine Gun Memorabilia – Volume 2, Number 3

Polish superior machine gun marksmanship sleeve badge. Brass image of five rounds on a machine gun belt. Sewn on sleeve, this was used in the inter-war period from 1917 to 1938.
Machine gun instructor metal jetton badge from the Imperial Russian Officer’s School showing gold Maxim machine gun beneath imperial double-headed eagle.
South African Regiment Louw Wepener insignia. Top is the brass cap badge, next is a left and right facing pair of collar badges. Beneath that is a gold gilt officer’s mess dress collar insignia. On the bottom is a pair of left and right facing enameled sleeve shields. The primary image is of a Vickers mounted on a tripod atop a stylized view of the mountain fortress at Thaba Bosigo in Basutoland where Louw Wepener was killed in the Basuto war of 1865-1866. This machine gun regiment was organized in 1934 and was an Orange Free State unit. The volunteers of this regiment were drafted into Regiment President Steyn during World War II and served in the North Africa campaign.
British Machine Gun Corps ID bracelet made from a George V silver halfcrown. (A half crown was worth two shillings and sixpence during World War I. The coin used to make this ID bracelet was the equivalent of 2 1/2 days pay.) One side of the coin is neatly engraved with the Machine Gun Corps insignia and named to ‘A. Wells’ to the top and his service number ‘123968’ to the bottom. The letters ‘C’ and ‘E’ to each side of the crossed Vickers stand for Church of England.