LMT's LM8 Platform

LMT’s LM8 Platform


Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT), an Illinois-based company that designs, prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories and tooling components for the military, government, law enforcement, commercial manufacturers and responsible civilians has introduced the new LM8 platform on two new rifle systems: the LM8MRP and the LM8MWS. The LM8 Platform is a combined result of LMT’s consistent philosophy that “Failure is Not an Option” and the changing landscape of modern warfare where combat is more likely to occur in confined urban settings or tight mountain passes. The LM8 platform is a direct evolutionary update from LMT’s benchmark monolithic rail platform making it lighter, smaller, slimmer and more maneuverable than anything before. Now the LM8 platform is available in two rifle systems: the LM8MWS and the LM8MRP, both with four versatile rail segments to fit any mission.

The LM8MWS is built on a LM308MWS lower with a SOPMOD buttstock and a two-stage trigger. The upper receiver has either a 1:10 inch twist, chrome-lined barrel or a 1:11.35 inch twist in an ultra-match stainless 5R tactical black matte finish barrel. The semi-auto bolt carrier group and tactical charging handle assembly come standard. The LM8MWS ships with a sling, operator’s manual, tactical adjustable rear and front sight, one 20-round magazine, a torque wrench/driver, four rail-segments and two heavy-duty push button swivels. Contact them at www.lmtdefense.com.