Defense & Security 2015


to the line-up, a 7.62x51mm “Big brother” to the very reliable Negev 5.56×45 machine gun. The DAN .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle with Meslas optic has
quite a following and they presented the new ELOG armorer tool/system which we have also covered. In this photo, off-duty
Thai Army soldiers are examining the Tavor series of rifles. www.iwi.Net” width=”100%” />

Prominent shows is Defence & Security in Bangkok, Thailand every two years. SADJ has attended every show in recent memory, and we devote a lot of time to meeting with the exhibitors and attendees. This is a “Must do” show for anyone who wants to approach the ASEAN market. At the 2015 show, there were 14,000 visitors from 59 countries and exhibitors will back me up when I say that the official delegations and attendees are of the type of buyers and decision makers we want to meet. The show management has done an excellent job of presenting and promoting the show.

Some Items seen at the show:

– A Thai made MP5K- the Army development groups have been active in everything from drones to tripods for “Ma Deuce” but there is a recycling program going on to take the excess stores of HK33 rifles and convert them downward to the 9x19mm MP5K form. There is a lot of work to doing this, and this is a prototype, shown at this event.

– An SVDM with a Schmidt & Bender PMII 10×42 scope was a draw for the shooters in attendance. While there are some who wrongfully assume the SVD series of rifles are inaccurate, usually due to using improper ammunition, with the new SVDM (Modernized) Kalashnikov Concern of Russia has solved most concerns. The Picatinny rail built onto a well-engineered top cover, and thickened barrel certainly add to the stability. For purists, the existing side scope mounting style is still there.

– Indian Ordnance Factories had a thorough presentation of their 68mm rockets, 120mm mortar bombs, and center to the picture 84mm Carl Gustav rounds that are designed for the M3 MAAWS but will function perfectly in the older M2 variants. Not in evidence were the INSAS series of Kalashnikov style weapons in 5.56x45mm that were being produced in India. We were unable to learn anything new on the 65,000 rifle procurement contest that has been ongoing.

– S&T Motiv from South Korea presented most of their weapons including the integrally suppressed K7 9x19mm submachine gun and the K14 7.62x51mm sniper rifle. The K12 7.62x51mm beltfed machine gun was on display as well. While the sniper is very accurate (SADJ has tested this at the factory and presented features on our website) the K12 has some very innovative features. The spade grips are removable, revealing a collapsible stock underneath for dismount from vehicle.

ST Engineering of Singapore’s CPW (Compact Personal Weapon) has been in SADJ’s pages in the past; we’ve tested it at the factory. The design is now mature. While ST has been showing their rifles and machine guns including the CIS50 and most excellent Ultimax 100 5th generation, the CPW was definitely a show-stopper. Designed to be multi-caliber, 9x19mm, 5.7x28mm, or 4.6x30mm, it can compete with almost any PDW design on the market.