Raptor's Safe-T Wipes

Raptor’s Safe-T Wipes


Raptor Safe-T Wipes have been specially formulated to immediately detect explosives and provide a simple colorimetric indicator for the user.  The wipes work on a wide variety of explosives, precursors and multi-agent explosives.  They can detect trace amount of substances and will detect both commercial and homemade explosives.  They collect and retain explosive particles for forensic analysis.  The wipes work complementary to electronic systems and they can be used on all surfaces, including hands, plastics and fabrics.  They are non-toxic, low cost, reliable, convenient and simple to use.  The Raptor Safe-T Wipe can even be customized to meet specific customer needs.  (+1.757.963.6300, +1.877.654.2303, info@tacticalstryke.com)